Turkey Scholarships for Afghanistan and International students

Scholarship in Applied Science , in Art and Humanities , in Business and Law , in Education and Languages , in Engineering , in Medicine , in Natural Science , in Other , in Social Science
  • Turkey, Turkey
  • Apply Before : February 25, 2024

Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 1289
  • Degree BachelorMasterPH.D
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • No. of Opportunity 5000
  • Fields of study All Subjects
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded
  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Language of Instruction Turkish
  • Application Fee Required No

Opportunity Description

The Turkish government offers 5000 scholarships annually for students from Afghanistan and worldwide to pursue their undergraduatepostgraduate, and Ph.D. studies or research in Turkish institutions and universities. This program is one of the most significant student scholarships offered for bachelor, Master and PhD studies  that fully supports your travel to turkey and your stays during your studies.

The government of Turkey provides 5000 scholarships every year to Afghanistan and International students from around the world to study   undergraduatepostgraduate, and Ph.D studies or research in Turkish universities and institutions. This is one of the most significant scholarship programs available for students with full support during your  Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. studies.

Brief Details

  • Application Start: January 10, 2024
  • Application Close: February 20, 2024. Extended deadline: February 25, 2024
  • Evaluation Process: March to May 2024
  • Interview Period: June – July 2024
  • Announcement of Results: Early August
  • Initial Procedures: August 2024
  • Travel to Turkey: September
  • Location: Turkey
  • Host Institutions: Turkish Universities
  • Type of Scholarship: fully-funded
  • Level of Study: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., and Research
  • Fields of Study: Various Fields

Benefits of Turkey Scholarships

These are fully funded scholarships providing the following items to the students:

  • Monthly Stipend of 3.500 Turkish Lira (TL) for bachelor’s students, 5.000 TL for Master’s degree students, 6.500 TL for Ph.D. students.
  • Monthly Stipend for short-term scholarships (1 year) include Undergraduate: 1.400 TL, Master’s: 2.000 TL, and Ph.D.: 2.750 TL;
  • The research scholarship program only covers monthly stipends of 12,000 TL
  • One-year free Turkish language training course and accommodation;
  • Single-round travel cost to and from Turkey;
  • Health insurance;
  • Full Tuition fee;
  • University and Program placement.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates can apply for this scholarship considering the points below:

  • Hold the nationality of any country other than Turkey;
  • Graduates or those who will graduate at the end of the current academic year;
  • Be researchers and academics;
  • Be healthy;
  • Meet the language fluency criteria;
  • Meet the age requirement as follows:
  1. Undergraduate Applicants: Under the age of 21
  2. Master’s Applicants: Under the age of 30
  3. PhD. Applicants: Under the age of 35
  4. Research Applicants: Under the age of 50
  • Have completed or are likely to graduate from an educational institution with the following academic achievements:
  1. Undergraduate achievement: 70%
  2. Graduate achievement: 75%
  3. For Health Sciences (Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy): 90%

Required Documents of Turkish Government Scholarships

All candidates should upload the following documents to the Türkiye Scholarships Application System (TBBS) online:

  • Online application form;
  • Valid ID card or passport;
  • One photograph no longer than one year;
  • National exam results (if any);
  • Diploma or temporary graduation certificate;
  • Previous study transcripts;
  • International exam results, including TOEFL, DELF, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc. (if asked by selected University or program);
  • A research proposal for a topic;
  • A written example of the research that the applicant has carried out (only for Ph.D. applications)

Note: All awardees who still need to prove C1 Level Certificate for the Turkish language, including applicants who received enrolment into English or other language programs, should attend a 1-year Turkish Language Course. They should attain the C1 Level Certificate by the end of their academic year.

Selection Process

The selection committee will evaluate applications for Turkiye Scholarships according to the Candidate’s academic success, motivation, and social activities related to the chosen field. They will pass the following steps:

  • Preliminary Assessment: Applications should meet the essential criteria such as minimum academic achievement, age limits, and required documents;
  • Expert Evaluation: The Expert Committee will assess the applications from eligible candidates in terms of various criteria, including academic status, academic interests, career goals, previous qualifications, consistency of preferences, participation in social activities, and content of the letter of intent. Successful applicants will go for the interview process;
  • Tests: Applicants will take a 30-question quantitative test before the interview session. The tests consist of geometry, mathematics, and logic questions for undergraduate candidates conducted by the Presidential Delegations.

Candidates applying to the fields of science, health sciences, social sciences, and engineering, which take the more significant number of applications, will pass these tests. Read more about the tests here.

  • Interview: Interview committees consisting of academics and experts will select candidates for the final list. The interview session usually lasts 15-30 minutes and will have the following format:
  1. Welcome and entrance;
  2. Documents check;
  3. Purpose of the Candidate’s application;
  4. Career goals and academic knowledge;
  5. Closing and questions of the Candidate to the committee
  • Final Assessment: The selection committee will evaluate the results of the interviews and create a list of applicants who will receive scholarships. At this final evaluation stage, the selection committee will assess the general eligibility of the Candidate for Turkey Scholarships.

How to Apply?

Eligible applicants may apply online for the Turkish Government Scholarships via Türkiye Scholarships Application System (TBBS). The applicants must fill out the online application form, including their personal information, educational background, work experience, and social activities. By selecting the University in your Scholarship application, Turkey Burslarie will do the admission and registration for the applicants.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a personal account on the TBBS portal
  2. Upload all required documents
  3. List your desired universities and program preferences.
  4. Write an original intent letter explaining preferences, expectations, and goals for the future.
  5. Review all application stages and documents, then submit your application.
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Watch the this video for Frequently Asked Questions

For updated and more details about the Turkish government scholarships, please visit the Turkiye Burslari Website.

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