Business Foundations Specializations by University of Pennsylvania (6 Courses)

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Opportunity Details

  • Degree Non Degree Program/Certificate
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • Fields of study Business
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded
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Opportunity Description

About this specialization:

The University of Pennsylvania offers this specialization on business to develop core business skills.

In this Specialization, you’ll gain basic literacy in the language of business, which you can utilize to shift to a new career, launch or flourish your own small business, or apply to business school to earn business education. So, in this, you’ll learn the essentials of marketing, accounting, operations, and finance. In last, there is a Capstone Project on which you’ll apply the skills gained by developing a go-to-market strategy to deal with a real business challenge.

Specialization quick details:

Specialization developer: University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School of Penn)

Provider: Coursera

Topic: Business Essentials

Language: English (subtitles available in other languages)

Duration: Up to 7 months to complete (suggested 3 hours/week)

Start date: Self-paced

Learning objectives:

After completing this course, you will learn to:

  • Realize branding and go-to-market strategies
  • Read or/and interpret income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
  • Lead people through motivation and reward systems
  • Analyze and enhance business processes in services or manufacturing

How does it work?

a) Take Courses

A Coursera Specialization includes a range of courses that helps you build a skill. To begin with, enroll in the Specialization directly or review its courses and select the one you’d like to take. While you subscribe to a course that is part of a Specialization, then you’re automatically subscribed to the full Specialization. It’s right to finish just one course out of all — you can pause your learning or end your subscription at any time.

b) Hands-on Project

Every Specialization consists of a hands-on project. You’ll need to complete the project(s) to finish the Specialization and get your completion certificate. Furthermore, if the Specialization comprises a separate course for the hands-on project, you’ll need to complete each of the other courses before you can start it.

c) Earn Your Certificate

When you finish every course and complete the hands-on project, you’ll receive a Certificate that you can share with potential employers and your professional network consequently.

Available courses:

As described above, this series includes six interrelated courses that you can either take separately or together.

Course 1: Introduction to Marketing

Course 2: Introduction to Financial Accounting

Course 3: Managing Human and Social Capital

Course 4: Introduction to Corporate Finance

Course 5: Introduction to Operations Management

Course 6: Wharton Business Foundations Capstone

More details, syllabus, course instructors, and the link of each course can be found here.

Skills you will gain

·         Positioning (Marketing)

·         Marketing

·         Marketing Strategy

·         Customer Satisfaction

·         Financial Accounting

·         Accounting

·         Financial Statement

·         Balance Sheet

·         Decision-Making

·         Change Management

·         Human Resources (HR)

·         Discounted Cash Flow


  • Earning a sharable certificate upon completion
  • 100% online _ you can learn at your own schedule
  • Level: Beginner (appropriate for all learners)
  • Practice quizzes
  • Graded assignments & quizzes with feedback
  • Graded programming assignments
  • Course videos and readings

How to apply?

Interested learners can apply very easily for this Specialization by completing an enrolment via the link provided. Follow this and give your career a big boost.

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