Japan Scholarship for Research, Undergraduate and College of Technology Students (Fully funded)

Research Scholarship in Applied Science , in Art and Humanities , in Business and Law , in Education and Languages , in Engineering , in Medicine , in Natural Science , in Social Science
  • Japan, Japan

Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 2471
  • Degree BachelorMasterPH.DSchool
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • Fields of study All Fields
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded
  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Language of Instruction EnglishJapanese
  • Application Fee Required No

Opportunity Description

Call for application:

Japan ministry of education, culture, sport, science and technology (MEXT) has offered Japanese Government Scholarships in three categories: research, Undergraduate, and College of Technology to study college, undergraduate, master or PhD in Japanese Universities.

Applicants from any country should check the requirements and benefits below.

Please ensure that the Japanese embassy in your country has announced the scholarship and apply before the respective deadline set by the embassy.

For the moment, only the details of the Research programs (master’s and PhD) are announced. The undergraduate and College of Technology will be announced later.  Check this website or MEXT website regularly for update.

Location: Japan

Place to submit your application: Japan Embassy in your country

Deadline to apply: May (deadline may vary depending on each embassy)

Level of study:


  • College of technology 3 year (4 years if the language course is needed)
  • Undergraduate 5 years, for medicine and pharmacy fields 6 years. plus one year if the preparation course is needed).
  • Research (master degree two years and doctorate 3 years )

Field of study for College Technology Students

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Information, Communication and Network Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Maritime Engineering
  • Other Fields

Field of study for undergraduate studies

  • Social science and Humanities
    • A :
      1. Law
      2. Politics
      3. Pedagogy
      4. Sociology
      5. literature
      6. history
      7. Japanese language
      8. Others (excluding “1. economics and 2″ Business administration ” in humanities B.)
    • B:
      1. Economics
      2. Business Administration
  • Natural Sciences
    • A:
      1. Mathematics
      2. Physics
      3. chemistry
      4. Electronics
      5. Electrical Engineering
      6. Information Engineering
      7. Mechanical Engineering
      8. Naval Architecture
      9. Civil Engineering
      10. Architecture
      11. Environmental Engineering
      12. Applied Chemistry
      13. Chemical Engineering
      14. Industrial chemistry
      15. Textile Engineering
      16. Metallurgical Engineering
      17. Mining Engineering
      18. Maritime Engineering
      19. Biotechnology
    • B
      1. Agriculture
      2. Agricultural chemistry
      3. Agricultural engineering
      4. Animal Sceince
      5. Veterinary medicine
      6. Forestry
      7. Food science
      8. fisheries
      9. Pharmacy
      10. Hygienics
      11. Nursing
      12. Biology
    • C
      1. Medicine
      2. Dentistry

Field of study for research: 

The field of study majored in the university or its relevant field of study that the applicant can study and research in a graduate course in Japanese universities.

You may also apply: 

Benefits/scholarship value

  • 143,000-145000 yen Monthly allowance
  • Educational fee
  • Travel cost




  • be national of a country that has diplomatic relation with Japan
  • was born after April 2, 1990, for Master and Ph.D., after April 2, 2000, for Undergraduate and College of Technology.
  • Education
    • completed 11 years of schooling(or will complete by March 2022) in a country other than Japan for College of technology applicants.
    • completed 12 years of schooling(or will complete by March 2022) in a country other than Japan for undergraduate applicants.
    • obtained a bachelor degree (16 years of school education) outside Japan, or completed a standard study program of three years or more equivalent to a bachelor degree for applicants who apply to Master degree and doctoral course (first phase)
    • Ph.D. applicants should have completed a master degree or professional degree or have been involved in a research study for two years or more having academic competency equivalent to a master degree
    • Note: for PhD in Faculties of medicine, dentistry, veterinary, sciences and certain parts in pharmaceutical fields should have completed one of the following:
      • 18 year of school education in countries outside Japan
      • a 5 year study period or more equivalent to a bachelor degree in Japan
      • 16 years of school education + involved in a research study at a university or in a research center for two year or more.
      • Or eligible to a doctoral program in Japan
  • Be interested in learning Japanese
  • Submit a health certificate signed by a physician attesting that the applicant is healthy.
  • Do not be applying to another program of Japanese Government Scholarship.

How to apply:

Applicants must check the japan embassy website in their countries and check the specific deadline for this scholarship. then they can submit their documents to the Embassy of Japan in their home country (the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for afghan applicants). Cultural and Public Relations section. Applicants should download the instructions and application form from the links below. Please read the instruction carefully before you apply to ensure that you are eligible for the scholarship.

You can find the Japanese embassy in your country HERE

Required documents:

  • Application forms
  • Photo
  • Transcripts of schools and last degree obtained
  • Graduation certificate
  • Health certificate
  • Recommendation letter ( the recommending person can use the free sample format available here or use any other format)
  • Research plan for research students
  • Theses Abstract
  • placement reference form

Download the Application Package for Research (Master and PhD)


Note for Afghanistan: The Japan embassy in Kabul announced on May 11 that they accept applications for Scholarships.
Check  announcement of Japan Embassy in Afghanistan HERE

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