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Opportunity Description

General Information about the Programme:

The Programme is a joint scholarship initiative of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Poland National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA in the form of Polish developmental assistance. The scholarship aims to support the social & economic growth of developing countries (excluding Europe and Central Asia) by providing higher education to the nationals of these countries. Moreover, this scholarship provides foreign students with full-time second-cycle studies at polish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) under the supervision of minister competent for education and science during the program period.

Application deadline: 3 February 2020 to 16 March 2020; by 15:00 CET (Local Warsaw Time)

Fields of study

  • Engineering and Technical Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Exact Sciences, And
  • Life Sciences

The medium of instruction: English or other languages determined later after the preparatory course.

Eligible countries

Angola, Ethiopia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Colombia, Lebanon, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, South Africa, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam; also other countries covered by Official Development Assistance, with the exception of developing countries of Europe and Central Asia (the list of countries whose citizens may apply for a scholarship under the Programme is attached as Appendix no. 1 to these Regulations).

Eligibility conditions: Eligible applicants for the NAWA Scholarship must:

  • Be citizens of the above-listed countries also keeping in view the exception;
  • Not hold Polish citizenship and have not applied for it before;
  • Preparation and plan to begin second-cycle studies or preparatory course in 2020/21;
  • Be a last-year student of first-cycle (bachelor level) studies in the above-mentioned fields at the time of application or have earned a diploma of completion of an undergraduate degree in the mentioned fields no earlier than in 2017;
  • Not have previously secured a Master’s degree/second-cycle degree studies. Applicants from countries not having the two-cycle studies system where they have completed their bachelor degree are also eligible to apply if they have obtained a master’s degree or its equivalent in their respective countries no earlier than in 2017;
  • Not have previously been awarded scholarship under this program; and
  • Be able to speak English at the B2 level _language competencies must be verified with an official document.


Benefits: This program enables the recipients to:

  1. Study at the graduate level in Polish or other languages at Polish public and non-public HEIs
  2. Earn monthly scholarship funds/stipend from the NAWA
  3. Take free-of-charge studies at public HEI throughout the regulation study period. The financial conditions at non-public HEIs are overseen by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and agreed upon between individual and the non-public HEI.
  4. Participate in a semester or yearly preparation course prior to the studies. The preparatory course is offered to those not having completed their first degree in Poland to improve their command of the polish language, culture, and their future career.

Important dates:

Call for applications:          3/2/2020 to 16/3/2020

Assessment of applications +announcement of applications being granted funding:      until 17/7/2020

Conclusion of scholarship agreements:                   up to 15/10/2020

Preparation course:                                                     1/10/2020 to 30/6/2021

Commencement of the study period:                      from 1/10/2021 (winter semester) and From Feb/Mar 2022 (summer semester)

Application submission procedure

Applications for this scholarship program should be submitted in electronic form via the NAWA ICT system accessible at website.

Late applications will not be considered. Plus, each applicant can submit only one application and the application’s reference number is sent to the applicant after it is submitted. In the case of more than one application, only the first one will be evaluated.

Priority countries Other countries
Angola Afghanistan Mali
Ethiopia Algeria Morocco
The Philippines Antigua and Barbuda Mauritania
India Argentina Mauritius
Indonesia Bangladesh Micronesia
Kenya Belize Mongolia
Colombia Benin Montserrat
Lebanon Bhutan Mozambique
Mexico Bolivia Namibia
Myanmar Botswana Nauru
Nigeria Brazil Nepal
Palestine Burkina Faso Niger
Peru Burundi Nicaragua
Republic of South Africa Cape Verde Niue
Senegal Chad Pakistan
Tanzania Democratic Republic of Congo Palau
Uganda Dominica Panama
Vietnam Djibouti Papua New Guinea
Egypt Paraguay
Ecuador South Sudan
Eritrea Dominican Republic
Eswatini Central African Republic
Fiji Rwanda
Gabon El Salvador
Gambia Samoa
Ghana São Tomé and Principe
Grenada Sierra Leone
Guyana Somalia
Guatemala Sri Lanka
Guinea Swaziland
Equatorial Guinea Sudan
Guinea-Bissau Surinam
Haiti Syrian Arab Republic
Honduras Thailand
Iraq Timor-Leste
Iran Togo



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