International Women’s Health and Human Rights Free Online Course

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Opportunity Details

  • Degree Non Degree Program/Certificate
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded
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Opportunity Description

Human rights and international women’s health free online course developed by Stanford University. Besides, the course focus is on women’s health and human rights topics from infancy through old age, such as details about positive intervention relevant to those programs. Moreover, the participants are asked to engage with each other. So, Interested people can join today.



Program developer: Stanford University

Program organizer: Coursera

Type of course: self-paced free online course

Level of study: Beginner

Duration: 64 hours

Instruction language: English and Turkish

Course instructor: Anne Firth Murray

Skills participants will learn:

  • Education health
  • Health reproductive
  • Community health
  • Sexually transmitted infections

Course syllabus:

  • Introduction about one video of 12 minutes, 9 readings and 1 quiz
  • Women’s rights and human rights, including six videos, eight reading, and three quizzes.
  • Education with five videos, ten readings, and two quizzes.
  • Childhood and adolescence: female genital mutilation, including four videos, ten readings, and three quizzes.
  • Childhood and adolescence: HIV/AIDS, including eight videos, 11 readings, and three quizzes.
  • Reproductive health about six videos, 16 readings, and two quizzes.
  • Community engagement – an assignment that covers interact with a community member, including two readings.
  • Home and community violence against women, including three videos, 16 readings, and two quizzes.
  • Women in war and refugee settings, including six videos, 15 readings, and three quizzes.
  • Women’s quest to escape poverty: work and economic empowerment, including four videos, ten readings, and two quizzes.
  • Women’s quest to escape poverty: sex work and sex trafficking about three videos, seven readings, and five quizzes.
  • Women, aging, and end of life, including three videos, ten readings, and four quizzes.
  • Community engagement-assignment two including two readings.
  • Prioritizing and making a difference, including five videos, 11 readings, and two quizzes.

  How to apply:

This course is accessible to anyone. Interested people can apply online.

for more detail visit course  


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