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This is a four-series relevant course on Coursera on data-driven decision-maker from reputed universities.  This series is designed to help staff understand how the use of data can drive business decision-making. Particularly, why data is important, what answers could data give to questions, and how teams run their data-driven decision-making?

Course description and content

In today’s business data is of crucial importance, and businesses largely rely on data, but without analytics data offers minimal value. To be able to process data to predict behaviors of individuals and market, to scrutinize systems or situations, or to recommend actions for those engaged run businesses today. Businesses are increasingly leaning towards being data-driven, potentially depending on cold hard information than gut instincts.

The course emphasizes on key analytical concepts, the width of analytic possibilities and will discover some real analytics problems and solutions across several major industries and business areas. Finally, a discussion of analytics futures and trends will mark the end of course while at the same time touching on analytical technologies, structures, and roles.

Part Two:


Course offered by: Coursera (I ILLINOIS, World Bank)

Topics: ICT Innovation and Transformation, Technology and Innovation

Language of teaching: English

Learning mode: series (online)

Duration: nearly 17 hours

Start time: 11 May


  • Earning a certificate upon completion
  • 100% online _ it can be started quickly and taken at your own timetable
  • Flexible deadlines_ you can reset as per your schedule
  • Level: intermediate

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