The University of Geneva


  • Founded Date January 1, 1900
  • Areas of Study Education and Languages
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Organization Description

The University of Geneva, established in 1559 by French theologian John Calvin, originally served as a theological seminary before evolving into a renowned center for enlightenment scholarship. Today, it is a prominent public research institution in Geneva, Switzerland, ranking as the third-largest university in the country by student population and consistently earning recognition as one of the world’s top universities. In 1873, the university transitioned to a secular institution, shedding its religious affiliations, and in 2009, it celebrated its 450th anniversary.

With nearly 40% of its students hailing from abroad, the University of Geneva fosters a diverse and globally engaged academic community. Emphasizing teaching, research, and community service, UNIGE actively pursues its mission as a member of esteemed international consortia such as the League of European Research Universities, the Coimbra Group, and the European University Association. Boasting a student body representing over 150 countries, the university serves as a hub for academic excellence and collaboration, housing various research centers and institutes, including the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, the Global Studies Institute, and the Institute of Global Health.

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