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Introduction to Alison Online Course:

Alison is one of the world’s biggest free online learning platforms for education and skill-building founded in 2007 in Galway, Ireland. It is a for-profit socially-focused enterprise committed to making free online education accessible for everyone, everywhere, at any time, and at any subject level. Its mission is to act as a catalyst for positive social impact, generating opportunity, prosperity, and equality for everyone. It is free of charge for you and has more than 14 million learners in over 195 countries worldwide.

Course Overview:

The sequence of free online Humanities courses of Alison covers a broad range of topics. For example, from courses on social sciences, psychological and history subjects to courses focused on personal development, politics, and geography, this series includes knowledge that can be used by all humankind.

This is due to the fact that humanities is all about unearthing the world surrounding you in order for the world to be seen and realized by you, and through your eyes. Hence, begin your journey now!

The courses in this category also include some sub-categories as follows to help you improve your results:

Education, History, Politics, Sociology, Personal Development, Geography, Law, Psychology, Media and Journalism, and Economics.

Course details:

These free online humanities courses take a few hours of your time providing you with high-quality skills and expertise. The courses on humanities subjects designed for you can give great strength to your understanding and career.

Course types:

Similar to previous series, here are also provided two kinds of courses:

For the devoted educators who want their students to learn more and for those who want to polish their teaching skills, these short certificate courses are recommended such as:

  • Growth Mindsets for Teachers and Learners
  • Introduction to The Learning Process For Teachers And Trainers

And for those who are involved in “special education” field

  • Working with Students with Special Educational Needs

More wide-ranging courses include:

  • Diploma in Social Work Studies
  • Diploma in Children’s Studies
  • Diploma in Educational Psychology
  • Diploma in Journalism

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