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About Farabi University at Kazakhstan

At the 15th of January 1934 , the national university of Kazakhstan ,which later was called Farabi, established.  At the primary years, only education had been taught in this university. When the Second World War happened, the university had to start teaching other classes and subjects such as radio operators, chemistry,biology, translation as well. It was so hard for the university to continue its activities during the wars, since the teachers and the students left the courses and some of them couldn’t come back to the courses. When the second world wars finished, the number of students in all courses increased day by day. Later, in its 5 colleges, there were more than 977 students. In 1954 to 1955 ,The university had more than 3778 students and 386 professors and in 1970 the university extended to 16 disciplines and there were about 10 faculties and 65 sub faculties. The sub faculties hired about 869 new professors whom 540 of them were associated professors, 79 professors and PHDs. The university became so famous and people knew it by the name of Kiryat and in 1991 when the country took its independence, the name of university changed to Al-Furabi and now the university celebrates its 80th anniversary. Right now the university has 6 departments , and 14 faculties and about 20000 students , who 1000 of them are foreign , and more than 10of them are afghan students, are studying in these faculties and about 2000 professors are teaching them.  These students are studying  in different fields and three different levels which are bachelor,master degree and PHD.

Departments of the university


The departments are: Department of Science, Office of Science and Innovation, Educational Activities Division, International Cooperation Office, Economic and Budget Planning Department, Production Division).



The faculties are : (Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Geography Faculty of History, Archeology and Anthropology; Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics; Faculty of Pre-University Education; Oriental School; Faculty of Journalism; Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science; Faculty of International Relations; Faculty of Economics and Business; Faculty of Physics and Faculty of Law, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Linguistics, Literature and Languages ​​of the World; And technology chemistry), Center for Academic Writing and Publishing, Accreditation and Quality Management Center, Institute for Information Technology and Innovation Development, Institute for Advanced Studies, Military Division, Library, Publications, Museum, Internet Learning Center, Dormitory, Sports Complex, Media Is formed.

Quality of the university

The university is so professional and it qualifies to the high standard level in the world and stands among the top universities around the world such as universities of Russia, China, Germany, Egypt, United Kingdom and other countries .  In 2009 , the university was in the rank of 600, in 2010, it was between 501-555, but in 2011 it stood among 400-450 and in 2012 the university stood on 390. In addition, the university signed contracts with UNESCO, CRDF, NATO InWEnt universities. Farabi university, which was established in 1934; the Soviet union happened , is known as the most significant uncertainty in Kazakhstan.

MOHE Announcement

According to the announcement of Ministry of Higher of Afghanistan, the Kazakhstan country offered 16 scholarship for undergraduate studies. This scholarship program will be offered in social, natural and technical disciplines in the Kazakhstan Institutes of higher education.

Location: Kazakhstan

Number of scholarship: 16

Fields of study:

  • social science
  • natural science
  • technical science

Level of study: Bachelor degrees

Deadline to apply: 1/2/1397 – April 22, 2018

Required documents:

  • High school graduation certificate (Shahadatnama)
  • Medical certificate from an accredited office and document of not having HIV
  • Electronic passport

Those whose names are listed in the undergraduate group scholarship that was announced on MOHE website and have not participated in India Scholarship should contact to the ministry of higher education for completing their documents on or before 1/2/1397.

Note: Students are selected based on the higher score in Kankor examination.

For more information please the ministry of higher education 

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