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Opportunity Description

Course introduction

The University of Strathclyde Glasgow offers this course on “Understanding Modern Business and organizations.”  What defines modern organizations? How and why are they transforming?

In this course, you’ll explore four forces that shape modern organizations. These are the shift towards a knowledge-based economy and apart from manual labor; the technological inventions being developed and applied by businesses; business ethics, organized under corporate social responsibility (CSR) or environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals; and globalization.

Therefore, by taking this course, you can prepare for the world of work by analyzing key developments shaping contemporary businesses.

Course quick details:

Course developer: University of Strathclyde Glasgow

Language: English

Course provider: Future Learn

Course type: Self-paced

Subjects: Business and Management

Price: Free with limited access, Monthly subscription: $27.99 or One-time purchase: $84/one-off payment

Free course access expires on  5 Sep 2022

Duration: 6 weeks (6 hours/week)

Course instructor:

1. Viktor Dörfler

A Senior Lecturer in Information & Knowledge Management.

What you will learn:

By ending this course, you‘ll be able to:

  • Develop a primary understanding of the social and business context, structures, and management and leadership process in modern organizations.
  • Elucidate what it means for organizations to reinvent them as communities.
  • Explore the major forces that shape modern businesses and organizations today: knowledge, technology, ethics, and globalization.
  • Describe organizations that you know in your own social, cultural, and economic context from the viewpoints of the four major forces.
  • Make a comparison of experiences in a variety of contexts provided by the internationally diverse learners of the course.
  • Discuss heated topics from the world of contemporary businesses and organizations that are of importance to you.
  • Assess other participants’ essays providing feedback on their work and, by doing so, understand your own topics of interest better.
  • Look at your learning and performance in consideration of the comments you get from the other participants.
  • Apply what you learned to the phenomenon of the financial crisis in order to expand your understanding.

Who can enroll?

This course is primarily designed for graduates entering the world of work. Anyone who has a passion for learning more about how the four forces impact modern businesses might find this course of interest, however.

Although no specific background knowledge is required, it is thinking-intensive; therefore, some experience of a business environment, not necessarily at a business organization, would be helpful.

Course syllabus

What topics will it cover?

  • A preliminary understanding of modern business and organizations
  • Up-to-date concepts to form an understanding of the four major forces that shape the world of modern business and organizations: knowledge, technology, ethics, and globalization
  • Trigger concepts to spark changing mind about what (up-to-date) knowledge concerns the four major sources
  • Upcoming concepts, developed in cooperation with the attendants, to enable an open-minded discovery of knowledge that is still unfolding
  • Part of the content comes based on the interest of the participants using the ‘Ask Viktor’ feature
  • According to Henry Mintzberg, the phenomenon of the financial crisis seems to have originated from the crisis of management rather than the crisis of economics
  • Knowledge learned in the first five weeks is applied to discuss the financial crisis, arguing in favor or against Mintzberg’s position through a chosen concept from each of the four major forces that shape the world of modern business and organizations

Course benefits

  • Certificate (only for self-funded candidates when eligible)
  • 100% online

How to apply?

You can apply for this course by completing enrollment in the given link.

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For further information about Online Course on ‘Understanding Modern Business & Organizations, please visit FutureLearn’s website.

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