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The Fortis Fellowship program provided an outstanding opportunity for global leaders throughout their education and qualified them for entry into the Fortis Society. During the fellowship, applicants will be mentored with professional mentors and leaders, engaged with leadership training, workshops and build their global networks. Applicants who are enrolled in the second year of their undergraduate program and from a low-income family can apply for this fellowship.




Deadline: 26 March 2020

Duration: three years.

Gender: female and male

Required language: English


  • Mentorship with professional leaders and mentors.
  • Internship opportunity with Google, Facebook, BNP Paribas, WHO, the Gates Foundation, and other professional organizations around the world.
  • Career advising with Fortis Members.
  • Professional and academic leadership training.


  • Applicant’s age must not be more than 22 years.
  • Applicants must be in the second year of his/her undergraduate degree.
  • Applicants from any field of study can apply.
  • Must the first member of his/her family to attend the university to enroll in the university.
  • Must be from a low-income family.
  • Must have excellent academic background and records.
  • Must have good leadership skills through self-started initiatives or have a leadership role in his/her community.
  • The applicant must have excellent English proficiency. Have German and Arabic language skills will be advanced.
  • Be able to overcome hardships and difficulties.
  • Must have a record of initiatives work.
  • Applicants must have strong ethics, altruism, charismatic personality, and worldwide ambition.

Required documents:

  • Fortis Society Honor Pledge signed copy.
  • Resume Template of fellowship.
  • Online application form.

How to apply:

Interested and eligible applicants can fill the online application form.

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For more info, applicants can have a glance in the Fortis Society website

Fortis Society Honor Pledge form

Fortis Resume Template 


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