Earth Journalism Network Asia-Pacific Media Grants 2020


Opportunity Details

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Opportunity Description

The public awareness is growing fast but the amount of the distance among the scale of the problems and the needed actions that are required to be taken is high. The whole people need to be informed of how they and other people impacted, and what decisions they must take for their life and what are the solutions.

So in Asia and the Pacific region, it aims to work closely with local journalists and partners to find a better way of reporting the environmental challenges from the local perspectives and to provide information to those unaware people.




Deadline: 3 November 2019

Value of the grants:

The grants will be payout in two lots below:

  • For the small and local organization with one duration activity, the amount of grant is $20000
  • For the mid-sized and more established local or regional organizations which aim to implement a larger-scale project, the amount of the grant will be from $20000 to $50000.


Purpose of the program:

  • The participants will be equipped with a quality environment and climate news and information
  • The qualifications and capacity of regional journalists and other content producers will be developed for reporting environmental and climate issues in an accurate and compelling way.
  • The participants will be access to the environmental information and news and will be addressed about the barriers of women and/or other marginalized groups to ensure their voices are included in environmental media reports.
  • the positive changes in governmental and business environmental policies or consumer habits and behaviors for a more sustainable way of life will be generated.


Who can apply:

  • A journalist with networks, Media organizations, Civil society organization, Academic institutions throughout Asia and the Pacific must be able to:
  • Empower local or regional skills, improve knowledge and networks for environmental reporting, and etc.
  • Public awareness about the environmental issues, such as Climate change, pollution biodiversity loss, wildlife trafficking, use and management of natural resources.
  • Applicants with innovative ideas

Required documents:

  • Proposal
  • Project budget template


How to apply:

Applicants should write their proposal and fill the project template and submit to the online application form

Apply NOW  

For more details, please visit the Earth Journalism Network Website


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