Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Research Scholarship

Research Scholarship
  • Australia

Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 17087
  • Degree Research
  • Language Requirement TOEFLIELTS

Opportunity Description

The ABCB provides a student research scholarship program to inspire research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the area of building regulatory development in Australia.

The purpose of the Scholarship Program is to contribute to research that could update the ongoing development and review of the National Construction Code (NCC) in building buildings.


Application closing date: there is no deadline (you can apply anytime)

Location: Australia

Institution: Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)

Levels of study: Undergraduate & Postgraduate

Research area: Building regulations in Australia

Duration: One year

Language requirement: TOEFL & IELTS

Scholarship value: almost $5,000 one-off payment

Proposed research areas

Preferred research areas identified by the ABCB Office include:

  • Sustainability (including energy efficiency),
  • Health and amenity,
  • Fire resistance, and

Research topics aligned with the ABCB work program (detailing on Recommended Business plan Template) will be considered for acceptance to the scholarship.

In addition to the 12 months duration of the program, there is the chance to submit your own article for presentation in an ABCB publication after completion and submission of the research project

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be students currently pursing undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Building, Building Surveying, Fire Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Plumbing, Hydraulic Design or a similar field at an Australian educational institution; and
  • Be undertaking research constituting a component of a program or course at an educational institution (e.g. tertiary), such as a research project, thesis or dissertation.

The scholarship has no residency/citizenship requirements and applicants may study full-time, part-time or via correspondence.

How to apply?

In order to apply for ABCB Scholarships, applicants need to consider a 7-step application process as below and submit an online application afterward.

1. Check your eligibility

All international students must meet English language requirements to be eligible for admission to a research program.

2. Match your research area

When submitting your application you will need to determine which field of the University you are interested in.

3. Find a supervisor

A supervisor is an academic staff member from the University of South Australia who will monitor your research work throughout your research degree.

It is desirable that you recommend a supervisor when completing your application, however you can submit your application without doing so. It is essential that you do not propose a supervisor except they have agreed, in principle, to supervise your research. Find more information on this on the website.

4. Find a scholarship

In your online application, you will need to specify the type of scholarship you want to apply for and as well as the University of Choice (for this you can select University of South Australia).


5. Organize referee reports

You are required to provide at least one academic or professional referee report before we they assess your application. In applying for a competitive scholarship, it is strongly recommended that you obtain two referee reports to maximize your competitiveness. Your referees must complete the referee report and email it to

6. Required documentation

For each undergraduate and postgraduate degree that you have studied, make sure to provide required documents/academic records as listed below:

  • University academic mark sheet/transcript including details of courses/subjects undertaken and grades attained. In case your original transcript is not in English you must upload both the original and an official verified English language translation.
  • University grading scale (e.g. A = 85% to 100%).
  • University diploma supplement (if appropriate).

Note: All supporting documents must be submitted along with the application. All the documents from each qualification should be arranged into a single file that you can upload to your application.

7. Apply online

Before applying, please read the applicant checklist available in the “apply online” section on the main page, which will help you in preparing the documents and get more information.

You can apply for an ABCB Scholarship at any time of the year.
Applications must be made online via the University’s Apply Online facility linked below.

Apply Now

Read more about the Student Research Scholarship Program on its website.

Read about the University of South Australia’s research scholarships here.


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