Future Global Leaders Fellowship 2020 in USA


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Applications are open for Future Global Leaders (FGL) Fellowship. If you are a first-year university student with high academic excellence and resilience, you can apply for this great opportunity provided in FGL Fellowship. This fellowship starts with 20 days of training concentrated on leadership and how to overcome extreme physical and mental challenges.  After completion of the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, you will be inducted to the Fortis Society- the world’s  1st private network of diverse leaders committed to making a better world and one another’s a success- to be connected with the future leaders.



Application opening date: 1 November 2019

Deadline: 31 January 2020

Location: US


  • Mentorship: 3 years mentoring by FGL fellows.
  • Leadership training: FGL provides a 20-day field-based leadership training teaching technical outdoor skills in the wilderness.
  • Internship opportunity in Large companies such as Google, Goldman Sachs, US embassies, UN, Facebook and etc.
  • Lifetime Fortis Society membership


You must be first-year university students and meet the following requirements:

  • First-generation of a family who follows higher education or you are a low-income university student.
  • demonstrate academic excellence through school and current school year.
  • proven leadership skills in your school or community.

How to apply:

You should download the Honor Pledge, application form, resume template

Fill them and apply online

Apply online

For more information please visit the Future Global Leaders Website


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