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Course in Art and Humanities , in Social Science
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  • Degree Non Degree Program/Certificate
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • No. of Opportunity 168
  • Fields of study Humanities
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded
  • Duration Different (each)
  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Language of Instruction English
  • Opportunity ID 97767
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Opportunity Description


Scholarship for Afghanistan is offering 20,000 wide-ranging free online courses as a result of its partnership with Alison_ one of the world’s biggest online learning platforms and provider of free education to global learners_ to help learners upgrade their knowledge in a specific area or boost their career in the existence of abundant time as most studies have been turning home-based since Coronavirus pandemic.

The courses are offered in multiple categories one of which is “Humanities” which includes 168 course topics.  Below you can find 168 courses in {humanities}, read the details and join. You are just one CLIKC away!

A. Main Category: Humanities

Alison offers a broad range of courses in humanities to meet your learning needs. Discover the courses below and improve your skills in diverse fields.

A1. Education

Course topics

  1. Growth Mindsets For Teachers And Learners
  2. Working With Students With Special Educational Needs
  3. Effective Communication Techniques For Teachers And Trainers
  4. An Introduction To New Thinking For Your Classroom
  5. Motivating Students To Learn
  6. Understanding Student Development And Diversity
  7. Introduction To The Learning Process For Teachers And Trainers
  8. Teach2030 Head Teacher Training Course
  9. Teach2030 Facilitator Training Course
  10. Instructional Planning For Successful Teaching
  11. Teach2030 Coach Training Course
  12. Teach2030 Training Methods
  13. Parental Separation –Implications For The School
  14. Introduction To Teaching English As A Second Language
  15. Introduction To Training Of Trainers
  16. Fundamentals Of Storytelling In Education For Teachers And Trainers
  17. Training Of Trainers – Advanced Training Methods
  18. Learning To Learn Online
  19. Introduction To E-Learning Theory And Practice
  20. Training Of Trainers – Training Design
  21. Aflatoun Refresher Training for Teachers

A.2 History

Course topics

  1. Understanding Brexit
  2. World History – the Risk of Fascism
  3. World History – World War 1 and its Aftermath
  4. Great Artists Their Works- i=Introduction

A.3 politics

Course topics

  1. U.S. Presidential Election 2020
  2. Political Ideologies: Liberalism Vs Marxism
  3. Corruption in Context: Social, Economic and Political Dimensions
  4. Modern Political Movements
  5. Political Ideologies: An Introduction to Fascism And Conservatism
  6. Political Ideologies: Nationalism and Republicanism
  7. U.S Citizenship and American Civics

A4. Sociology

Course topics

  1. Inclusion of Minorities in Community Development
  2. Community Development – Planning Promotional Programs and Seeking Funding
  3. Delivering Community Development
  4. Introduction to Community Development
  5. Understanding Social Change
  6. Sociology Studies – Social Institutions
  7. Introduction to Sociology and Social Life
  8. Sociology – Social Inequality

A5. Personal Development

Course topics

  1. Introduction to Time Management
  2. Motivation- Power Guide to Motivating Yourself and Others
  3. Hidden Secrets Of Psychology – Why Do People Do The Things They Do?
  4. Understanding ZEN: Personal Development and Zen Teaching
  5. Ultimate Time Management- Unique Time Management Strategies
  6. Persuasion Strategies! Ultimate Influence Tolls and Skills
  7. How to Generate Actionable Business Ideas
  8. Soft Skills for Professionals
  9. Building Your Confidence and Working Ethically
  10. Job Offer Formula – How to Land Your Ideal Job
  11. Introduction to Interpersonal Skills
  12. Interpersonal Skills – Introduction to Soft Skills
  13. Motivation Mastery- Achieve More Than Ever Before
  14. Introduction to Job Search Skills
  15. Job Search Skills – Preparing Your Resume and Cover Letter
  16. Introduction to Soft Skills Communication
  17. Interpersonal Skills – Advanced Soft Skills
  18. Advancing Your Interpersonal Skills

A.6 Geography

Course topics

  1. Introduction to Geographic Information System
  2. Database Management System and Spatial Analysis
  3. Remote Sensing, QGIS, and Data Import
  4. GIS Data Quality and Geographic Positioning System
  5. Data Acquisition and Open Source GIS Software
  6. Introduction to Land Development and Weathering
  7. Fundamentals of Fluvial Processes
  8. Fundamentals of Soil Formation and Hill Slope Evolution
  9. Introduction to Aeolian Processes and Dunes Formation
  10. Fundamentals of Glacial and Seismic Geomorphology
  11. Introduction to Coastal Geomorphology

A7. Law

Course topics

  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Fundamentals of Business Law
  4. Employer- Employer Law
  5. Ethics in Law Enforcement
  6. Introduction to Contracts in Law
  7. Legal Office Administration
  8. Introduction to Criminal Investigation: Processes, Practices and Thinking
  9. Introduction to Conflict Management And Negotiation
  10.  Introduction to Legal Concepts
  11. Legal Studies0 the Adversary Trial System
  12. Get To Know GDPR
  13. Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution
  14. Introduction to Trademarks and Copyright
  15. International Policies on Competition Law
  16. Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law in India
  17. Alternative Dispute Resolution: How ADR Programs Succeed
  18. Introduction to Intellectual Property and Intangible Economy
  19. Managing Intellectual Property in Entertainment Industries
  20. Intellectual Property Rights and Anti-Trust Law
  21. Introduction to Confidential Information and Remedies
  22. Introduction to Patents
  23. Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law

A8. Psychology

Course topics

  1. Advanced Parenting Skills
  2. An Introduction to Body Language and Its Components
  3. NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming – Your Ultimate Guide to NLP
  4. REBT- The Science of Reprogramming Your Mind
  5. Develop Your Emotional Intelligence
  6. Coping Skills – Freedom from Stress and Pain
  7. Applied Psychology- Matching Marketing Strategies to Consumer Personalities
  8. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills
  9. Psychology – Biology, and Behavior
  10. Applied Psychology- Introduction to Consumer Behavior
  11. Psychology – Memory and Cognition
  12. Applied Psychology –Understanding Models of Consumer Behavior
  13. Community Psychology – Understanding Communities
  14. Alternative Evaluation and Post-Purchase Behavior
  15. Psychology- Research Methodology
  16. Advanced Human Behavior – Personality and Cognition
  17. Consumer Perception, Emotion and Cognition
  18. Community Psychology – Intervention and Prevention Strategies
  19. The Theory, Research and Practice of Community Psychology
  20. Psychology of Everyday Life – Mental Health Issues
  21. Advanced Human Behavior – Intelligence and Emotion
  22. Introduction to Psychology of Everyday Life
  23. Body Language- Understanding Body Movements
  24. Psychology – Development of Its Major Areas, Methods and Schools of Thoughts
  25. Body Language – Haptics and Facial Expressions
  26. Interpersonal Strengths and Recent Trends in Positive Psychology
  27. An Introduction to Body Language and Proxemics
  28. Introduction to Intrapersonal Strengths in Positive Psychology
  29. Introduction to Human Behavior
  30. Introduction to Positive Psychology and Positive Personality Traits
  31. Fundamentals of Emotional States and Processes
  32. Human Behavior- Introduction to Advanced Processes
  33. Introduction to Community Psychology
  34. Psychology –Perceiving the World around You
  35. Consumer Problem Recognition and Information Search
  36. Community Psychology – Tools For Action
  37. Applied Psychology – Understanding Consumer Attitudes

A.9 Journalism and Media

Course Topics

  1. Journalism and Print Media
  2. Journalism in the Digital Age
  3. Data Journalism and Media Standards
  4. Introduction to Journalism
  5. Media, Society and Culture
  6. Writing for Young Leaders
  7. Exploring Movie Construction and Production
  8. Media Studies – Print and Publishing Media
  9. Introduction to Media and Culture
  10. Media Studies – Entertainment and Broadcast Media
  11. Standup Committee Complete: Humorous Public Speaking and Becoming Funnier
  12. Media Studies – Gaming, the Internet and Social Media

A.10 Economics

Course Titles

  1. Microeconomics: Competition in the Marketplace
  2. Microeconomics: The Consumer
  3. Microeconomics: Supply, Demand, and Equilibrium
  4. Microeconomics: Price and Trade
  5. Fiscal And Monetary Policies
  6. Economic Growth and Development – Inequality and Human Development
  7. Modern Economics
  8. Economic Growth and Development – Other Human Development Issues
  9. Strategies of Economic Growth and Development
  10. Introduction to Economic Growth and Development
  11. Aggregate Supply & Demand
  12. Inflation in Modern Economics
  13. Understanding Monopolies in Economics
  14. Introduction to Economics
  15. Introduction to Government Economic Policy

A11. Architecture

Course topics

  1. Introduction to Building Structures and Architectural Forms
  2. Heritage Property: Decay and Prevention
  3. Introduction to Structural Systems
  4. Phases of Modern Architecture
  5. Types of Structure
  6. Introduction to Structure, Form, and Architecture
  7. Phases of Post-Modern Architecture
  8. Evolution of Modern Architecture
  9. Introduction to Architectural Conservation and Historic Preservation
  10. Phases of Modern Art
  11. Historic Cities: Heritage Zones and Historic Settings

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