The Center for Iberian Studies


  • Founded Date January 1, 1900
  • Areas of Study Culture , History
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Organization Description

The Center for Iberian Studies originated from Eduardo Lourenço’s vision during the Eighth Centenary of Foral da Guarda in 1999, where he lamented the historical isolation of inland territories like Beira. Lourenço envisioned the city as a pivotal place for dialogue and cooperation with former adversaries, advocating for an Institute of Iberian Civilization. Exactly one year later, the Center for Iberian Studies was established, sponsored by the prestigious University of Coimbra and University of Salamanca, symbolizing a multidisciplinary approach to studying Iberian Civilization.

The spirit of the Guard, epitomized by its historical significance and geostrategic centrality, endured through centuries, fostering cross-border collaborations. The city played a crucial role in Spain’s transition to democracy, hosting historic meetings between foreign affairs ministers. Today, amidst a changing European landscape, the Center seeks to reinforce unity and integration, leveraging shared history, culture, and knowledge to shape a cohesive future. Founded on Lourenço’s vision and supported by local authorities, renowned universities, and academic figures, the Center stands as a beacon of unity and a repository of shared identity and knowledge.

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