Sylvia Schildge Association


  • Founded Date January 1, 1900
  • Areas of Study Art and Humanities
  • Posted Opportunities 1
  • Viewed 69

Organization Description

Sylvia Schildge Association belongs to Sylvia Schildge, an ENSAD graduate born on May 7, 1950, who lives and works in Paris. She has garnered international recognition for her outstanding artistic achievements. Notably, she initiated the Virginia Prize in 2012, an esteemed international award exclusively dedicated to women photographers. Over the years, her prolific career has included multiple prestigious awards, impactful exhibitions, and installations across various cities, showcasing her innovative and diverse approach to photography.

The artist’s journey spans from captivating street installations and nature exhibits to significant contributions in the form of books and themed photography exhibitions. With a rich collection of accolades, including the Virginia Prize, her work has left an indelible mark on the global photography landscape.

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