Friedrich Naumann Foundation


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Organization Description

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and/or Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNS) is a foundation in the Federal Republic of Germany with a dedication to the promotion of liberal principles and to political education. The purpose of the foundation is to advance the principles of freedom and dignity for all people in all areas of society, both in Germany and outside of Germany.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation is active in more than 60 countries around the world, spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, North, and Central America. Within these project countries, its regional offices work to uphold human rights, rule of law, and democracy. In order to achieve these aims, the foundation seeks to bolster both international and transatlantic dialogue through conferences, study tours, and publications, among other means. Additionally, the foundation supports local, regional, and national initiatives which advance the rights of minorities, the democratic control of security forces, and the empowerment of international human rights coalitions

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