Young Sustainable Impact (YSI Global) Innovation program for Covid19 Fighters


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Opportunity Description

YSI Global welcomes online applications for a four-week innovation & youth-centered program aimed at utilizing creativity, innovative thoughts, and entrepreneurship to help the government, health workers and everyone fighting the COVID-19.

This program is for each and all solutions to actual problems created at local, national and international levels by the coronavirus.

Deadline: 20th March 2020

Program starting date: 23rd March

Duration: four weeks (March 23rd – April 17th)

Delivery mode: online


Program structure: the program consists of four following parts:

1: Identification of the problem

If you have determined a problem, your focus then is to review it. For those participants without a problem yet, they will discover an important problem to solve.

2: Creation of idea

Generate an idea and come up with a good idea and concept to experiment.

3: Test of idea

It has never been more fruitful than to test the idea before disseminating it. So, it needs to be helpful, not harm the current efforts, and create real value.

4: Implementation of idea

If the solution is observed working it’s time to apply it and spread it into the world, and ensure it will be accessible to the people who need it the most!

Note: each week some teams will be changed in the program to enable focus on stronger teams with more progress and potential.

How the program works:

  1. Each week starts with a course and a set of duties to concentrate on for the week.
  2. There will be colleague-to-colleague meetups where members aid each other.
  3. Expert-guides will be available to speak at set times each week.
  4. The teams will present their finding at the end of each week.
  5. The teams coming up with solutions able to truly help will be given further chance and support.

Who are eligible?

All countries/their nationals can apply and take part. Participants should be more than 16 years old.

Participation Requirements

  • Individuals  with teams and idea can apply
  • Individuals with ideas and no team can apply
  • Individuals with good solutions can apply
  • Individuals with NO team and NO solution can also apply. They will be placed in teams with the people who have solutions or ideas.
  • YSI Global is looking for both direct solutions to help the people working in the front-line, information transmission and governments. Also, in-direct solutions that can assist with resolving problems arising from the economic crisis, people helping other people with daily things, etc.

Admission Capacity

Anyone who meets the above criteria and has a good idea or innovative solution will be accepted.

How to apply?

Participants are requested to apply online for this program.

Apply to program | Apply as Mentor / partner

For more questions please contact:

Email: contact@ysiglobal   

Source: YSI Global website

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