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Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Africa4HER offers free online courses on Women’s Health. Taking this course, participants will learn about the five most prevalent health issues women faces and how we can advocate for women’s health in our communities.


If women’s education, workplace equality, and their physical and emotional health are invested in, in fact, you are investing in the future. For this reason, as women grow, their families, societies, and countries also grow. As a result, your success is dependent on women’s success.

This year, Africa4Her 2020 is devoted to supporting the health of all women and girls. Women’s health is a very broad issue _it encompasses physical, emotional, and mental health.


So, take the course below and make a strong and healthy future for women today.



  • Women’s health
  • What is gender-based violence?
  • Understanding the right of women and girls
  • Effective communication for health outcomes

Each course will be completed in three steps: 1- take the course; 2- pass the quiz; and 3- achieve your online certificate.

The following courses are designed to help you learn more about the dire issues affecting women’s health, the importance of consistent and authentic information, and the steps taken to fight for women’s health.

  1. a) Understanding the Rights of Women and Girls

In this course, you will learn about the distinctive educational, social, and economic hurdles facing women and girls, and the steps necessary to address them.

  1. b) Effective Communication for Healthy Outcome

Remember that right health information _ making the messages, prioritizing audiences, and running health communications, and awareness-raising campaigns result in having healthy communities.

  1. c) What is Gender-Based Violence?

Through learning the fundamentals of GBV, and how it influences communities, you will be enabled to combat & speak out against it.

This theme consists of three parts:

Part 1: Psychological and Economic Gender-Based Violence_ it emphasizes on two of the four main categories of GBV that can lead to more violent forms of GBV.

Part 2: physical and Sexual Gender-Based Violence_ more violent patterns of GBV, causing direct suffering, which could lead to injury or death, will be looked at in this part.

Part 3: addressing Gender-Based Violence_ here, you will be introduced to steps taken to eliminate GBV, including how people can support violence survivors/victims and detrimental behaviors.

Educate Your Community

The Africa4Her has designed Facilitation Guides to raise awareness about women’s health issues and your role as a community advocate. Should you be a community advocate for women, organize YALILearn sessions on one of the following topics. You can opt for one of the Facilitation Guides that best fits with your interests, such as Women’s Health, GBV, or Health Information, and follow that accordingly.

You will also be provided with more supplementary materials, tools, and information such as workbooks, video vignettes, etc. throughout Africa4Her on wide-ranging topics.

How To apply

Applicants should apply online.

Understanding the Rights of Women and Girls

Effective Communication for Healthy Outcome

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