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 Overall introduction:

This is a four-series relevant course on Coursera on data-driven decision-maker from reputed universities.  This series is designed to help staff understand how the use of data can drive business decision-making. Particularly, why data is important, what answers could data give to questions, and how teams manage their data-driven decision-making?

Course description and contents

Our today’s world is a complex world with dissimilar people, companies, and governments whose behaviors combine to produce new, unexpected phenomena. Political uprisings, market crashes, and a never-ending range of social trends are frequently seen. So, how do we figure them out? Using models. Based on evidence people who think with models steadily outdo those who don’t, and also people who think with lots of models do better than people who use only one. Why do models make us think better? The reasons include:

  • Models help us to better organize information.
  • Models better enable us to forecast accurately.
  • Models help us take better decisions and implement more effective strategies.
  • Even models can expand our ability to design institutions and processes.

In this course, the presenter teaches the basics of models starting with models of tipping points. Furthermore, models explaining the rationale of crowds, models that show why some countries are wealthy and some are not, and models that help unearth the strategic decisions of firms and politicians are covered here.

Additionally, the models explained in this series lay a foundation for future social science classes, whether they will be in economics, political science, business, or sociology. To master this material will give you a huge advantage in advanced courses. The contents offered will also help you in your life.

Here’s how the course will work:

For each model, a short, easily understandable overview lecture is given. Then, the presenter will dig deeper into the technical details of the model. Similarly, for all the lectures, some questions will be asked and you’ll have quizzes and even a final exam. If you decide to really benefit from it and dive deeper into it, and take all the quizzes and the exam, you’ll receive a Completion Certificate. But, if you just decide to follow along for the introductory lectures for the purpose of gaining some exposure that’s ok too.

Part Three:


Course offered by: Coursera (UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, World Bank)

Topics: ICT Innovation and Transformation, Technology and Innovation

Language of teaching: English

Learning mode: series (online)

Duration: nearly 25 hours

Start time: at your own schedule (flexible deadline)


  • Earning a certificate upon completion
  • 100% online _ it can be started quickly and taken at your own schedule
  • Flexible deadlines_ you can reset according to your schedule

Skills you will gain:

  • Modeling
  • Economics
  • Decision-Making
  • Strategic Thinking

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