Apply to participate in UNDP ’16 x 16’ initiative in Italy!

  • Italy
  • Apply Before : May 5, 2019

Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 6475
  • Degree Non Degree Program/Certificate
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded

Opportunity Description

If you have a leading role in a youth-led organizations, networks or movements which is working as critical agents of change for the 2030 Agenda and have been taking part to sustain peace, deliver justice, promote inclusive participation on politics can apply UNDP’s 16×16 Initiative in Italy and get the precious opportunities and benefits.

Short details:

Location: Italy

Target: Youth-lead organizations, movements and network

Program date: May 2019

Number of organizations to be selected: 16



UNDP’s 16×16 initiative is a global initiative supported by Italy government to bring the United Nations entities, governments and representatives from civil society, including youth organizations and other stakeholders, to gather. In the preparatory conference the participants will discuss on how to implement the SDGs 16 and 2030 agenda. The program opens its door to young people who are leading organizations, movements, and networks so if your organization and your goal is based on the mentioned criteria, take part in this global program.


The main goal of ’16 x 16’ initiative:

  • They are looking for young leaders and their potentials, positive role in the context of SDG16
  • Introducing new channels and networks as a resources for implementing participant’s goals
  • Supporting in different area like; codification of knowledge, policy making, programming, co-created guidance.


What will you achieve as a success participant?

  • You will be part of comprehensive programs which is leading by UNDP and UN and other partners.
  • You will be formal or informal member of SDG16-related processes and implementation
  • A chance will be given to you to participate in priority conference in Rome
  • Beside of supporting the guidance and recommendations will be there for organizing your program.
  • You will collaborate on voluntary basis.
  • Only for specific events as relevant and in line with UNDP’s rules and guidelines, the traveling costs will be paid.
  • You will participate in a one-day meeting prior to the SDG16 Preparatory Conference in Rome (May 2019)


Selection process:

  • 8 participants will be selected according to this open call, by UNDP in collaboration with youth constituencies and other relevant partners
  • 8 participants directly will be selected by office field
  • Gender, geographical location and youth diversity will be ensured

Selection criteria:

  • You must be in young age
  • You must lead a formal or informal organization based on youth-led organization, movement and network
  • The applicant should have experience on SDG16, locally, nationally, or regionally.
  • Have a good communication skill
  • Participant should be interested in contribution of the follow-up on SDG16 and 2030 agenda

How to apply:

Fill the form through the online application

Apply NOW

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