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Are you planning to study in one of the high ranking schools of the USA or Canada and have not information on how to write your study plan? Do not worry!

Here are some tips that help you to do your best and become one of the outstanding applicants.

Tips applicants required to include in their paper:

  • Your study plan should not be more than one page.
  • It must be written based on fact story of your life
  • Start with an explanation of how study in Canada can help you to enhance your future career in a way that you cannot achieve your goals in your home country.
  • When your application completed, forwarded to someone with excellent English skills to edit and review your paper.

Study plan questions:

  1. Why do you want to study in Canada in the subject you accepted?

Explain the reasons why you want to study in Canada. (you can write because of the high quality of education system, multicultural society, as an international student why Canada is the preferred place to study in?)

  1. Make clear the overall educational goal?

Describe your education goals deeply. If you apply for a bachelor’s degree or develop your knowledge by achieving a master’s or higher degree, describe your field of study, you plan to pursue and how it can route your future goals. Or any research you performed in this area.

  1. Why are you not pursuing a similar subject in your home country?

In this answer, explain the quality of education system in Canada, which is recognized globally, or the particular institution with the specific course or program you plan to study is located in Canada that may not be accessible in your home country.

  1. Any research paper you performed in your home country?

Describe the critical option your home country gives you regarding schools and programs. There’s an opportunity your country will have the same plan you wish to conduct in Canada. Describe why you prefer the Canadian school, institutes, and programs available there.

  1. How the program you going to conduct in Canada can help you to develop your employment opportunities in your home country? Make clear what are the job outlooks for the program?

Describe here the different job positions you are looking for. It’s possible for you to get a desirable job in your home country, but the low quality of education makes us to not access to our dream job. Explain how studying in Canada help you to prepare you for this role.

  1. Name ties do you have in your home country?

Your family in your home country, such as children, parents, spouse, or partner.

  1. What are your parents or guardian’s immigration status in the current country they living now? What are the financial resources owned by your family/parents?

In your study plan include the immigration situation of your parents, bank balance certificate, back statement, investments, property, and any other documents that show the financial assets achieved by your guardians.

  1. If you traveled anywhere, describe your experience in the case that you do not have the same, share the parent’s or siblings travel experience as well.

Write down where do you travel, if you don’t have, please mention your family going history.


  1. Who supports your education and why they support your education?

List who is supporting your education and why? Like your family, school, or any organization.

  1. Describe details of your educational history, including start and end date, name, and address of the school.

In this part list, the school you attended, including start and end dates, name of institutions, and the program you have been done.

In the end, provide work experience information, including formal or volunteer positions you have completed.

Summarize your educational goals and reasons behind why you want to study in Canada?


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