EMDEs Free Online Course (Certificate Available)


Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 14551
  • Degree Non Degree Program/Certificate
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded

Opportunity Description

EMDEs’ free online course is designed by the world bank group to assess international treatment and innovations by global investors, multilateral development banks, and policymakers to unlock massive investment opportunities in EMDEs. This course allocated to financial actresses, government officials, students, and professionals in the relevant area.

Course details:


Type of program: Free Online Course                                     Duration: 4 Weeks (4 to 6 hours weekly)

Program developer: WBGx                                                         Field: Economics and Finance

Level of study: Introductory                                                        Instruction language: English

Video transcript: English                                                               Certificate costs: 5 USD Dollars

Course provider: edX

Course instructors:

  • Julius Gwyer: program officer for development unit at world bank group
  • Demet Cabbar: financial officer for development unit at world bank group
  • Ian MacDonald: senior financing economist for development unit at world bank group
  • Sander Glas: finance consultant in financing for development unit at world bank group
  • Desire Musharitse: world bank group secondee from the ministry of finance, Burundi, world bank group.

What applicants will learn:

  • Global leaders and professionals n investment and finance in EMDEs who are the founder of multilateral development banks, managers, and specialized in related areas will be the speaker.
  • The course featured with latest data, tools, finance strategy resources, diagnostic tools, analysis, and statistics on investment opportunities and trends to achieve financial goals.
  • The course contains an international platform to cooperate and solve global problems with international participants.
  • After completion of the course, applicants will develop their networks with experts and will join a global investment and finance professional’s online network via LinkedIn
  • Participants will receive a certification of completion awarded by World Bank Group – edX and can add it in his/her LinkedIn profile or CV.

Who can apply:

This course is designed for the followings:

  • People who are looking to develop their investments to invest in EMDEs or looking for funds investment, bonds, and sustainable investment tools in EMDEs.
  • Governmental employees who are willing to develop their national financing strategies and advance their financial skills.
  • Global development experts who are looking for the latest and updated information related to investment and finance within the SDGs.
  • Financial sectors are acting and service in finance.
  • Students and experts

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Course syllabus:

  • The first week: in the first class, the course focus is on investment and finance scaling in EMEDs.
  • The second week: in the second week/class, the course focus is on developing methods and strategies related to financing for the government.
  • The third week: in the third week/class, the course focus is on how to unlock the private investment opportunities in EMDEs.
  • The fourth week: the last week’s lecture focus is on how to build robust financial markets and institutions in EMDEs.

How to apply:

Interested applicants can enroll online

Apply HERE 

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