Chinese Government Scholarship for Master and PhD Students at Dalian University of Technology

Scholarship in Applied Science , in Art and Humanities , in Business and Law , in Education and Languages , in Engineering , in Medicine , in Natural Science , in Social Science
  • China, China
  • Apply Before : February 20, 2023

Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 91584
  • Degree MasterPH.D
  • Language Requirement TOEFLIELTSHSK(Chinese)
  • Fields of study All
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded
  • Duration 3 to 4 years
  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Language of Instruction EnglishChinese
  • Application Fee Required No

Opportunity Description

The Dalian University of Technology Scholarship Overview

Applications are now open for the Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University program 2023 at Dalian University of Technology (DUT).  Chinese Government Scholarship is offered for doctoral and master’s degree students from around the world . This scholarship only supports graduate programs studying in China. So, if you meet the criteria for this scholarship, you should apply.

Scholarship details

Application period: 1 Nov 2022 to 20 February 2023

University: Dalian University of Technology (DUT)

Degree level: Master and PhD


  • Master’s: three years
  • Ph.D.: Four years

Scholarship benefits:

This scholarship almost provides complete coverage of expenses such as:

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation costs on campus
  • Monthly stipend (for Master Degree Students:  3,000 CNY/month and for Doctor Degree Students:  3,500 CNY/month
  • Medical insurance and protection program for international students in China
  •  International travel costs are note covered by the scholarship.

Fields of study: Master’s degree: 

专业代码 授课语言 Major
081501 汉语、英语


Hydrology and Water Resources
081502 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Hydraulics and River Dynamics
081503 汉语、英语


Hydraulic Structure Engineering
081504 汉语、英语


Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering
081505 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
082301 汉语、英语


Pavement and Railway Engineering
082302 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Traffic Information Engineering & Control
082303 汉语、英语


Transportation Planning & Management
070301 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Inorganic Chemistry
070302 汉语、英语


Analytical Chemistry
070303 汉语、英语


Organic Chemistry
070304 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Physical Chemistry
070305 汉语、英语


Polymer Chemistry and Physics
078000 汉语/Chinese Pharmaceutical Science
0805Z1 汉语/Chinese Polymer Materials
080704 汉语/Chinese Fluid Machinery and Engineering
080706 汉语/Chinese Chemical Process Equipment
081701 汉语、英语


Chemical Engineering
081702 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Chemical Technology
081704 汉语、英语


Applied Chemistry
081705 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Industrial Catalysis
0817Z3 汉语、英语


Fine Chemicals
0817Z4 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
0817Z5 汉语、英语


Energy Chemical Technology
0831Z1 汉语/Chinese Medicinal Engineering
083700 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Safety Science and Engineering
071000 汉语/Chinese Biology
081703 汉语、英语


Biochemical Engineering
083600 汉语/Chinese Biological Engineering
083000 汉语、英语


Environmental Science and Engineering
080800 汉语/Chinese Electrical Engineering
081000 汉语/Chinese Information and Communication Engineering
081100 汉语/Chinese Control Science and Engineering
081200 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Computer Science and Technology
0812J1 汉语/Chinese Artificial Intelligence
083100 汉语/Chinese Biomedical Engineering
081103 汉语/Chinese Systems Engineering
087100 汉语/Chinese Management Science and Engineering
120201 汉语/Chinese Accounting
120202 汉语/Chinese Enterprise Management
120204 汉语/Chinese Technical Economics and Management
1202Z1 汉语/Chinese Project Management
1202Z2 汉语/Chinese Environmental Management
1202Z3 汉语/Chinese Investment
1202Z4 汉语/Chinese Intellectual Rights Management
1202 英语/English Business Administration
020204 汉语/Chinese Finance
020205 汉语/Chinese Industrial Economics
020206 汉语/Chinese International Trade
010100 汉语/Chinese Philosophy
020202 汉语/Chinese Regional Economics
030100 汉语/Chinese Law
040100 汉语/Chinese Pedagogy
050100 汉语/Chinese Chinese Language & Literature
专业代码 授课语言 Major
1201Z1 汉语/Chinese Science of Science and Management of Science & Technology
120400 汉语/Chinese Public Management
120403 汉语/Chinese Educational Economics and Management
030500 汉语/Chinese Marxist Theory
050201 汉语/Chinese English Language & Literature
050205 汉语/Chinese Japanese Language & Literature
050211 汉语/Chinese Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics
040300 汉语/Chinese Science of Physical Education
081300 汉语/Chinese Architecture
083300 汉语/Chinese Urban and Rural Planning
130400 汉语/Chinese Research of Fine Arts
130500 汉语/Chinese Design
080300 汉语/Chinese Optical Engineering
080400 汉语/Chinese Instruments Science and Technology
045300 汉语/Chinese Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other


083500 汉语、英语 Chinese/English Software Engineering
080900 汉语/Chinese Electronic Science and Technology

Check the Ph.D. fields in the attachment.

Language of instruction:

  • Chinese (Chinese-taught program)
  • English (English-taught program- check the attachment below )
  • For the doctoral and Master candidates, the final tutor and department could evaluate the language level according to the interview or written test.

Eligibility requirements

  • Be a citizen of a country other than China and be in good health condition.
  • Be under the age of 35 for a Master’s degree and under 40 for a Ph.D. scholarship.
  • Have earned a bachelor’s degree for master’s studies and a master’s degree for Ph.D. studies
  • submit an English certificate for English taught program:
    • TOEFL 80/IELTS5.5
    • English language certificate as the language of instruction issued by the last educational institution.
    • Native English speakers are exempted.

HSK certificate (within 2 years) is required for the Chinese-taught program:

  • 1: HSK 4 180 or above for majors in Science, Technology, Management, and Economics;
  • 2: HSK 5 180 or above for majors related to Humanities and Social Science, Philosophy.

For the English-taught program, an English certificate is mandatory:

  • A TOEFL or IELTS_ for TOEFL a score of 80 or higher, and the IELTS score must be 5.5 or higher;
  • Applicants whose language of instruction at the last education level was English could only demonstrate the language certificate issued by the latest educational institutions.

What documents are required for the CGS-Chinese University Program?

  • Application form (in Chinese/English)
  • Highest academic diploma/verified copy (applicants who are expected to graduate need to submit an official document issued by the university stating the status of the student and the expected graduation date.)
  • Educational transcripts (documents not in Chinese or English should have an English or Chinese translation attached to them).
  • Study plan/research proposal (min. 800 words elaborating on the filed you would pursue at DUT)
  • Two recommendation letters from your university professors/associate professors (see the attachment). In addition, the diploma and recommendation letters should also fulfill the criteria of the transcript in terms of language.
  • Physical examination form (only for those whose duration of stay in China is less than 6 months )
  • Copy of passport (with more than 6 months validity).
  • Copy of valid HSK or English language Certificates as described above
  • Letter of No-Criminal Conviction.
  • 6 photos (3cm*4cm).

How to apply for the Dalian University of Technology Scholarship at DUT?

Applicants should download the the application form, and other attached documents, read the instructions, fill the application form and prepare the required document.

Applicants shall submit the application forms and other documents in ZIP by Email to the School of International Education, DUT at (

Submit your application documents to the above email in the ZIP file before the deadline.

Please name your email subject after “DUT application number + passport last name + passport name.”

All the applicants must gain Acceptance Letters from DUT Supervisors; the application without the acceptance letters cannot be considered.


To complete your application, finish the following steps:

  • Apply to the university offering this program by emailing your application.
  • Then, apply online to the Chinese Government Scholarship website, fill in the form, and print and sign a hard copy. Please note that the agency number of DUT is 10141 and select Type B when selecting scholarship.
  • You may consult the official link for instructions, list of programs, and agency number. Finally, submit all your documents to the university before the deadline.
  • And, you should apply to submit an online application to the DUT website as well.
  • Note: Download the health form, samples of recommendation letter, application form, and study plan, and the list of majors.

Notification of result and enrolment time

The host university reviews the candidates’ applications. Then, it will send the admission notice to the applicants by the end of July 2023.

Enrolment time is Sept 2023.


For further details on the scholarship and necessary attachments to international students, please visit the website of the Dalian University of Technology (DUT).

Attached Files

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