Chinese Government Scholarship – Bilateral Program (Academic Year 2020)

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Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 12810
  • Degree BachelorMasterPH.D
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded

Opportunity Description

Bilateral Program is a full or partial scholarship (for more details refer to our official website) initiated by the Chinese Ministry of Education according to the educational exchange accords or consensus between Chinese government and government of other nations, international institutions and also universities.

The bilateral program is provided to four recipient categories: underrate students, postgraduate students, general scholars and senior scholars (you can consult the dispatching entities of your own country for the available programs. Applicants have to ask the relevant authorities for specific deadline each year and apply before the deadline.  Usually the bilateral programs are applied for through Chinese embassies or consulates in their home country.

Duration: It is specified as below (including specialized studies and Chinese study time period).

Teaching language: English/Chinese

Fields of study:

  Program Categories   Specialization

 (academic year)

  Chinese Language     (preparatory) course

(academic year)

  Duration   of


(academic year)

 Undergraduate programs 4-5 up   to 2 4-7
 Master’s programs 2-3 up   to 2 2-5
 Doctoral programs 3-4 up   to 2 3-6
 General scholar programs up to 1 up   to 1 Up to 2
 Senior scholar programs up to 1 up   to 1 Up to 2


Scholarship conditions

Bachelor’s students must enroll for programs offered in Chinese. Mater’s students and non-degree students may enroll in either Chinese/ English-medium programs if applicable.

Program search and favorite university could be accessed here. Note that some programs of Wuhan University are taught in English, too.

Application procedure

  1. Apply to the dispatching authorities for foreign studies of your home country and submit the application as needed. Consult the relevant office for Instructions of CGS Information System and Agency Number.
  2. Complete the online application at CGS Information System and then deliver a completed hard copy of Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship.
  3. Hand over all of your required documents to the relevant office connected with Chinese embassy/consulted before the ultimate deadline.

Note: only candidates recommended by dispatching entities will be deemed eligible. Candidates having a Pre-admission Letter will be placed to host university and those without this letter have to agree with CCS’s university placement decision.

Required documents

  1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (in Chinese or English).
  2. Officially signed and stamped highest diploma (copy).Those who have not received their diploma yet should submit a formal pre-graduation and student performance certificate issued by their current institution/school. Documents which are not in English or Chinese should have been translated into Chinese or English.
  3. Academic transcripts in non- Chinese or English languages must have been translated into Chinese or English.
  4. Study plan and a research proposal. (The work limits: at least 200 words for undergraduate, 500 words for non-degree, and 800 words for graduate/master’s students).
  5. Master’s programs applicants or senior scholars must submit two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English notarized by a university professor lecturer.
  6. Reliable documents of your legal custodians in China (only necessary for students aged below18).
  7. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form, written in English, found here. The Physical examinations must have all the item mentioned in the Form. It is only required for those who intend to reside in china for over 6 months.


  1. Copy ofPre-admission Letter from a definite Chinese university if available. Visit our website to find out more about pre-admission letter.
  2. Copy of HSK certificate (if available).
  3. Applicants who wish to apply for programs offered in English have to provide English proficiency test scores, TOEFL requires 80 and IELTS 5.5 or above. For those who cannot present evidence of the above standard test results, can provide proof of studying at a previous English-medium institution, and additionally they will take an oral or written English test given by Wuhan University.

Note: All documents need to be organized together on the top left corner in the sequence of 1 to 10. TWO sets of bound documents need to be submitted by you.

Scholarship verification and universities placement


Application documents of recommended candidates from dispatching entities will be decided upon by CSC for eligibility. Necessary changes in the scholarship status and its related conditions would be decided due to (different factors) explained in the official announcement. Only applications to which pre-admission letter is attached will be directly referred to issuing universities for placement.

Students will get CGS scholarship only upon confirmation of CSC and no beneficiaries will be awarded more than one scholarship.

The Scholarship will not be granted if the recipient cannot register in Wuhan University before the registration deadline.


Notification of results


CSC checks the placement results, verifies the final list of scholarship recipients and sends the application documents to the Chinese embassy or consulate before 31 July.  Then, the Chinese embassy or consulate will forward the application documents (Scholarship Recipients Lists, Admission Letter and Visa Application Form for Chinese Program (JW201)) to the involved authorities or scholarship recipients.

Contact information:

Tel: 0086-27-68753912

Fax: 0086-27-87863154


Official Scholarship link



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