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Opportunity Description offers a free online course on Artificial Intelligence. If you want to learn about AI and use it in your business, apply now for this course.


Course offered by, WORLD BANK

Topics: ICT Innovation and Transformation, Technology and Innovation

Language of instruction: English

Learning mode: series

Duration: almost 9 hours

Start time: 6 May

About this course:

This AI-aware professional syllabuses with three courses from Coursera teach AI Concepts, Machine Learning Concepts, Ethics of AI, Applications of AI, and Project Planning for Machine Learning Projects. This course is of great importance and boosts both technical and non-technical employees’ careers and skills. So, if you want your organization to become adept at using AI, this is the course, especially for non-technical individuals, to take. This course is a three-part series.

Learning objectives:

In this course, you will learn:

  • – The concept “AI terminology,” including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science
  •  – The realistic pros and cons or abilities/inabilities of AI
  • –  Distinguishing opportunities to apply AI to difficulties in your own organization
  • –  Initiating machine learning and data science projects
  •  – Working with an AI team and develop an AI strategy in your company, and
  • –  Realizing ethical and societal debates surrounding AI

However, this course is mostly non-technical, to learn the business aspects of AI can benefit engineers too.

Skills you will acquire:

  • The workflow of Machine Learning projects
  • AI terminology
  • AI strategy
  • The workflow of Data Science projects


  • Earning a certificate upon completion
  • 100% online _ you can learn at your own timetable
  • Flexible deadlines_ you can reset as per your schedule
  • Level: beginner


Program content:

  • AI introduction
  • Building AI projects
  • Building Ai in your Company
  • AI and Society

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