Update on Romania Scholarship Application Round 2023-2024: Results Announcement Delayed

Romania Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs applicants about a slight delay in announcing scholarship results

July 15, 2023- Applicants eagerly awaiting the results of the Romania Scholarship application round for the academic year 2023-2024 will have to wait a few more days, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania has announced a slight delay in the announcement. The delay results from an overwhelming number of applications received for this prestigious scholarship programme offered by the Romanian state.

Due to the high volume of applications, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is taking additional time to thoroughly review each application and ensure a fair and transparent selection process. While the delay may cause some disappointment, it is essential to maintain the integrity of the scholarship programme and provide equal opportunities to all deserving candidates.

Applicants are advised to regularly check their StudyinRomania scholarship accounts for any updates regarding the results. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will notify applicants directly in their accounts in the coming days once the evaluation process is complete. The updates will also be shared on Scholarship for Afghanistan website as well.

The Romania Scholarship is an esteemed initiative that offers a wide range of opportunities for international students to pursue undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies in various fields. The scholarship programme aims to promote educational excellence, cultural exchange, and mutual understanding between Romania and other countries.

For further updates and information, applicants are encouraged to visit the official StudyinRomania website and their scholarship accounts regularly. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs assures all applicants that the evaluation process is being conducted diligently and that the scholarship results will be announced as soon as possible.

About StudyinRomania:
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