World Bank & SVRI Development Marketplace Award in Innovation at Gender-based violence Prevention

Grant / Award Scholarship
  • Apply Before : September 5, 2018

Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 4020
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded

Opportunity Description

World Bank Group /SVRI Award Development Marketplace Award 2019 for Innovation in Gender Based Violence Prevention

Application Close: September 5, 2018                    Organization: World Bank & SVRI

Result notification: January – February 2019       Award Ceremony: April 2019


WBG & SVRI Development Marketplace Award details

World Bank Group and Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) is offering a precious award for those have innovation in preventing gender based violence.  Violence against women and girls are making limits in social education and prevent them from fully participation in social activities. To prevent this and find a suitable way for this global issue, World Bank Group and SVRI have created this award.  If your have an innovative research and interventions project to improve the gender-based violence prevention you can apply and submit your proposal.

Number of award: 1

Number of accepted proposal from one applicant: max 2

Project duration: 24 months (max)



  • maximum award amount is $100,000
  • Seed grant for private sector up to $40,000

Ceremony participation

  • Accommodation in ceremony award
  • Travel cost to Washington


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Who is eligible?

  • Application are accepted from a recognized and legal research institution, company or NGO. Organizations are allowed to create partnership with other organizations and academic institutions.
  • Be from middle income or low income country or have a partner from these regions.

Which Countries can apply?

  • Based in low or middle income countries or work in these countries

Which organizations can apply?  

  • The organizations which have previous record of research and intervention in Gender-based violence prevention in targeted countries mentioned above, are preferred.
  • All type of organizations can apply
    • Non-governmental Organizations
    • Companies
    • Academic Organizations
    • Research companies

How to apply?

Organizations meeting the above requirements can apply online using South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) Award online system before the deadline.

Apply Now

Required documents

  • Online application
  • CV of all staff included in project ( use the template )
  • Project plan
  • Budget
  • References
  • SVRI and World Bank Group development market approval form


Accepted applications will be invited to participate in award ceremony in Washington, April 2019.

For more details please visit the World Bank Website or contact via email:


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