Free online web development course with certificates in 2020

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Opportunity Description

There are a number of free online courses offered for international students around the world with a certificate. You can join without paying anything. You can equip yourself by provided courses in deferent areas anywhere, anytime, and go steps higher than a real class sooner. Be disciplined, make your own schedule, manage your time, earn your degree without any cost.


Deadline: Various

Location: online

Host institutes:

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Massachusetts Institute of technology
  • California University, Berkeley
  • California University, Irvine
  • University of Yale

List of available courses:

  • Python course
  • Data science course
  • Dynamic web application free course from Microsoft
  • CodeCamp
  • CS50 Introduction to computer science
  • Android development course
  • Blockchain Course
  • Unreal engine tutorial
  • Machine learning certification
  • Computer programming by khan academy
  • Foundation of front-end Web development by Udemy
  • MIT’s course on computer science and programming
  • Web development programs by Udacity
  • Complete web development course
  • Odine project

Benefits of attending the online course:

  • You can earn a degree free and without attending to class physically.
  • It allows you to find unaccessible pogroms in higher level.
  • You can cover your classes anywhere and anytime.
  • You can perform and follow your own schedule without any determination.
  • All of the online materials will be available and accessible 24 hours of the day and seven days of a week.
  • It will help you to learn at your own pace and get a new career.
  • You can choose your comfortable place, chair, and desk to study without feeling bore.
  • The online course will take just six to eight weeks, and you can complete your favorite classes in a few months.
  • You can get your certificate/diploma sooner.
  • You can join a course without interrupting your works and allow you to go forward steps higher.
  • You will access to your teachers comfortable than attending on-campus classes.
  • Access to flexible through pre-education requirements.

How to attend the online courses?

Following the suggestion and tips below to tackle your unique challenges to get the most valuable learning from the online courses:

  • Be disciplined and follow the path seriously and keep going, do not postpone your class to other days of the week.
  • Allocate your time; remind yourself to perform assignments every day before the next sessions.
  • Manage and organize your time, be active, and self-aware.
  • Create your timetable, learning style, and personality.
  • Find the place you can learn quickly, ensure you have a good internet accelerator, and learning materials such as computers, books, etc.
  • Remove whatever distracts you from learning and focus on your lectures.
  • Take part actively during the course.

Click here to access the available free online courses and go through the links and apply for any of them suits you.


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