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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: The National Examination Authority and Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan announced the result of 1399 Kankor_ Afghanistan’s Nationwide University Entrance Examination_ on 24 September 2020. According to the National Examination Authority (“NEXA”), more than 197,000 applicants had registered for the exam, but nearly 173,000 applicants attended the exam, out of which about 170,000 have successfully passed the exam which constitutes 98 percent of all applicants in this year’s examination.

Also, the remaining 3000 applicants constituting 2 percent of applicants have failed in the national exam which is considerably low compared to previous years,” NEXA said.

Shamsia Alizada, a graduate of Asef Mayeel High School in Kabul, has achieved the highest number on the national university entrance exam (353,185) coming top among up to 200,000 students who took the test.

In the announcement ceremony for the Kankor Exam Results, Abbas Basir, Afghanistan’s Acting Higher Education Minister said that the country’s higher education system has only the capacity to attract nearly 10 percent of all applicants to the public higher education institutions. “10% acceptance rate is one of the lowest rates at the regional and global level in this regard”, Basir said. “It is a very rare and insufficient percentage”, he also added.

Similarly, the MoHE acting minister announced that the ministry shall allocate 122 fully-funded scholarships for the 1399 Kankor Exam toppers i.e., 20 scholarships for the top 20 students in the general exam across the country, and the remaining 102 for the three top students (1-3) of each province to study abroad.

Moreover, the Ministry of Higher Education’s officials said that of the total number of applicants in the 1399 Kankor examination, 66,000 of them have been admitted to public universities and higher education institutions, 15,000 have been admitted to semi-higher education institutions (the “institutes”) while 88,000 have been introduced to the private higher education institutions and universities.

Top Ten students

The top-scoring applicants from 1 to 10 are as follows:

  1. First position holder

Shamsia D/O Mohammad Nasim: Graduated from Mohammad Asef Mayeel High school, Kabul

Score: 353, 185, admitted to Faculty of Medicine, Kabul University

  1. Second position holder

Nematullah S/O Mahfuzullah: Graduated from Hakim Nasir Khesraw Balkhi High school, Kabul

Score: 353,133, admitted to Faculty of Medicine, Kabul University

Third position holder

Mujtaba Gul Hussain: Graduated from Dogh Abad High school, Kabul

Score: 350.061, admitted to Faculty of Medicine, Kabul University

  1. Forth position holder

Turyalay S/O Sayed Karim: Graduated from Saye’F Shahid High School, Badakhashan

Score: 349,867, admitted to Faculty of Medicine, Kabul University

  1. Fifth position holder

Ahmad Fawad S/O Ahmad Rahim: Graduated from Hakim Nasir Khesraw Balkhi High school, Kabul

Score: 349, 735, admitted to Faculty of Engineering, Kabul University

  1. Sixth position holder

Zainul Abeddin S/O Badar: Graduated from Sultan Shahabuddin Ghori High school, Ghor

Score: 348.571, admitted to Faculty of Medicine, Kabul University

  1. Seventh position holder

Ahmad Wasiq S/O Ahmad Qasim: Graduated from Ghazi High School, Kabul

Score: 348,336, admitted to Faculty of Medicine, Kabul University

  1. Eighth position holder

Nasiha D/O Rahim Dad: Graduated from Bibi Sarwari Sangari High school, Kabul

Score: 348,301, admitted to Faculty of Medicine, Kabul University

  1. Ninth position holder

Wasiq S/O Khair Muhammad: Graduated from Bay Nazar High school, Ghor

Score: 348,204, admitted to Faculty of Computer Science, Kabul University

  1. Tenth position holder

Fazl Ahmad S/O Gul Agha: Graduated from Tawheed 2 Private High School, Heart

Score: 347, admitted to Faculty of Medicine, Herat University

Note: The National Examination Authority (NEXA) has shared the two following links for those applicants who have lost their ID Numbers, and those who complaint(s) regarding the announcement of results.

  1. Those having lost their ID, to find your result based on your name open this LINK. Find Your ID by Name
  2. Those who are not satisfied with their result and want to file a complaint about Kankor results should go through this LINK: Complain Form

You can download the Kankor 1399 excel file from our telegram channel here.

Download Kankor 1399 File

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