2021 Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival at the UAE

Grant / Award in Art and Humanities

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  • Language Requirement Not Required

Opportunity Description

The Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts festival with hope theme is going to launch its 9th edition in its 50th anniversary. They invite applicants to show how hope can create, where hope can be found, how can we share hope with others. The purpose of the festival is to make a relation between hope and the future of humanities. Applicants of any age and from any part of the globe can take part.



Deadline: 31 May 2020

Festival theme: Hope

Number of awards: 8

Location: United Arab Emirates

Festival categories and awards:

Digital Art (including paintings, photographs, graphics)

  • First winner: 5000 AED as cash prize and trophy
  • Second winner: 2500 AED as cash prize and trophy


  • First winner: 5000 AED as cash prize and trophy
  • Second winner: 2500 AED as cash prize and trophy


  • First winner: 5000 AED as cash prize and trophy
  • Second winner: 2500 AED as cash prize and trophy


  • First winner: 2000 AED as cash prize and trophy
  • Second winner: 1000 AED as cash prize and trophy

General submission guideline:

  • All submissions should be created and produced by artists. Do not submit reproduction works. The presentation must not reflect any violence, profanity, sexual photos, or related subjects.
  • Applicants must obey all copyrights law. You must be the owner of your entry.
  • The applicant must allow the festival to use and reproduce the submissions free and without retribution for publication or display in media to organize the festival.
  • Applicants can fill out only one application per year per category.
  • Artwork or films which are submitted in the last four years are not eligible.
  • All types of submission should be in high-quality, well-composed representations of the work.
  • The size of the submission photo of any category should be between 2 to 5 MB with JPEG, JPG, and PNG format.
  • The successful winner will be informed via email.
  • Applicants must cover their submission costs such as email, video, films.
  • The first and second award will be presented in each category.

Criteria of categories:

Digital Art:

Number of winner photos: up to three


  • Width 1920 Pixels of maximum horizontal
  • Height 1080 pixel of maximum vertical
  • 2 to 5MB size
  • sRGB color space
  • the submission photo should not be taken via mobile



  • Sculpture: It can be created from any new materials with the ability to stand on their own unsupported.
  • Recycled Art: 75% of recycled content must be addressed to create the submission. Must include a list of materials used for submission.
  • The submission must be without risk of damage.
  • The unique display and structures needed for the sculpture should be added to the submissions.


The film categories can be included animation, documentary, and short film

  • The submission should not be more than 30 minutes.
  • Submission should be bilingual, Arabic, or English. Films with English audio must be with Arabic subtitles, Arabic audio should be with English subtitles.
  • The film must not have created in the last three years.
  • Submit the film in .mov format
  • All submission cost must be covered by applicants


The student in grades K-12 can apply with the following categories:

  • Submit your original works
  • The submission must be created by individual students or by schools.
  • Provide your school name and year or level on the form
  • Applicants with sculpture submission required to follow the Sculpture Guidelines and meet its submission criteria.
  • Applicants with film submission needed to follow the film guideline.

How to apply:

Applicants must read each category submission guideline carefully and apply based on guideline

For more details please, have a look at the festival official website

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