Scholarship for Afghanistan as SDSN Youth Solutions Finalists

Working hard to contribute toward achieving the UN Sustainable development goals, Specially SDG 4 (Education) and SDG 8 Decent Work, Scholarship for Afghanistan, has been selected as a finalist for the fourth edition of Sustainable Development Network Solutions (SDSN) Youth Solutions report. Scholarship for Afghanistan is the first education opportunities discovery platform in the country, working to help youth access quality education, decent jobs, and global opportunities.

The Youth Solutions Report, a flagship initiative managed by the Youth Solutions Program of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, features 50 game-changing projects led by young people, allowing them to showcase their work, and presenting them with opportunities to draw interest from potential supporters.

According to the first SDSN Youth Solutions Report, over 4300 applications submitted from 174 countries. This reflects a growing interest in supporting and scaling innovative solutions to address problems such as poverty, inequality, clean and affordable energy, access to healthcare and education, public engagement, and waste management.

This year, 50 youth-led projects — 25 for-profits and 25 non-profits — will again be selected to have their work featured in the 2020 edition of the Youth Solutions Report.

Furthermore, the leadership team of these 50 projects will be invited to undergo training and capacity-building opportunities, among which SDSN Youth’s flagship Investment Readiness Program, in an effort to support them in the scaling of their solutions. During this 16-week acceleration program, the innovators will be provided with valuable insights from leading experts in the field, given personalized 1-on-1 mentoring, and connected with impact investors.

Sam Loni, Director of SDSN Youth, reinforces that young people are critical actors of change towards the achievement of the SDGs, and must be regarded as such. “The youth-led solutions that will help us as a global community advance our efforts towards the Decade of Action must continue to be a priority. Therefore, the Youth Solutions Report is the ideal platform where leaders, investors, donors, and supporters can form strong alliances and partnerships with young people, and help them overcome obstacles that are usually preventing them from realizing their potential,” says Loni.

Mayra Bravo, Project Leader of the Youth Solutions Program, is grateful for the opportunity to step up youth-led innovation. She expresses that, “Young people are energetic, passionate, and ambitious individuals who have a clear understanding of the world’s most pressing challenges. Through the Youth Solutions Report, we aim to advocate for, promote, and support young entrepreneurs that look at old problems with a new vision, take risks, and think in inventive, groundbreaking ways.”

Scholarship for Afghanistan is among the top finalists and 50 top projects will be selected from top finalists to be featured on SDSN Youth Solutions Report to celebrate the invaluable contributions of young people to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Scholarship for Afghanistan is dedicated to providing Great Services to help youth in Afghanistan and other countries access Global Opportunities. We believe that talent is everywhere and Opportunity is not. connecting the talents with proper opportunities will help them make their direction towards a successful and brighter future.

SDSN Youth Solutions Scholarship for Afghanistan

You can about SDSN Youth Solutions report on SDSN website.