50 Top World Universities 2024

Every year, based on several factors and indications, world universities are ranked by several organizations and publications such as Times Higher Education (THE), Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU or Shanghai Ranking), Quacquarelli Symonds (Q.S.), U.S. News and World Report (USNWR), and many more. 

The Times Higher Education (THE), a British magazine, World University Rankings 2024 publication, is based on analyzing 1,906 universities across 108 countries and regions. Employing the WUR 3.0 methodology, it evaluates institutions based on 18 performance indicators across five key areas: teaching, research environment, research quality, industry engagement, and international outlook.

This year’s analysis includes over 134 million citations from 16.5 million research publications and insights from 68,402 scholars worldwide, gathering 411,789 data points from over 2,673 institutions.

Key Findings:

According to THE Ranking 2024 publication, key findings regarding the top universities are as follows:

  • The University of Oxford retains its top spot for the eighth consecutive year, with Stanford University climbing to second place and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ascending to third.
  • Notably, Italy’s Catholic University of the Sacred Heart enters the rankings in the 301-350 bracket, signalling new representation from Asia.
  • The US remains the most-represented country, with India surpassing China to become the fourth most-represented nation.
  • Stanford University leads in the teaching pillar, while Oxford and Cambridge excel in a research environment. MIT tops the research quality (citations) pillar.
  • The University of Sharjah in the UAE ranks highest in international outlook, while 28 institutions receive a perfect score for industry engagement.

Additional Insights:

Alongside the 1,904 ranked institutions, 769 universities are listed as “reporter” status, providing data but not meeting ranking criteria.

Readers can access an analysis of the rankings’ results below or download the digital report for further insights from the link shared at the end of this content.

Please review the universities’ overall research, teaching, citations, industry income, and international outlook in the table below.

OverallTeachingResearch EnvironmentResearch QualityIndustryInternational Outlook
1University of Oxford UK98.596.6100.099.098.797.5
2Stanford University United States98.099.097.899.6100.087.0
3Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States97.998.696.299.7100.093.8
4Harvard University United States97.897.799.999.484.290.8
5University of Cambridge UK97.595.8100.098.087.997.4
6Princeton University United States96.996.397.998.895.189.1
7California Institute of Technology United States96.596.698.095.9100.090.6
8Imperial College London UK95.190.995.598.690.998.3
9University of California, Berkeley United States94.687.298.899.099.486.8
10Yale University United States94.294.094.997.786.582.4
11ETH Zurich Switzerland93.187.696.895.682.995.6
12Tsinghua University China92.495.398.193.299.951.7
13The University of Chicago United States92.189.691.297.693.882.3
14Peking University China91.895.697.387.298.870.2
15Johns Hopkins University United States91.184.492.397.2100.084.2
16University of Pennsylvania United States91.087.789.797.697.778.8
17Columbia University United States90.988.689.797.475.286.9
18University of California, Los Angeles United States90.185.791.996.492.374.3
19National University of Singapore Singapore90.078.894.095.4100.091.1
20Cornell University United States89.585.788.797.669.486.0
21University of Toronto Canada88.677.594.192.896.190.7
22UCL UK88.178.486.498.675.297.9
23University of Michigan-Ann Arbor United States87.484.787.495.580.769.0
24Carnegie Mellon University United States86.375.084.698.987.385.5
25University of Washington United States85.378.083.598.277.673.2
26Duke University United States83.979.376.196.2100.074.8
27New York University United States83.573.284.094.975.480.7
28Northwestern University United States83.272.378.897.899.775.9
29The University of Tokyo Japan83.193.994.267.8100.049.7
=30University of Edinburgh UK82.570.777.596.971.197.0
=30Technical University of Munich Germany82.569.885.190.0100.083.1
32Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Singapore82.366.280.994.599.793.3
33École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland81.474.573.290.399.895.8
34University of California, San Diego United States81.066.078.497.6100.074.3
35University of Hong Kong Hong Kong80.365.672.396.495.296.8
36Georgia Institute of Technology United States 80.063.478.994.194.684.8
37University of Melbourne Australia79.264.876.490.198.392.7
=38King’s College London UK79.059.875.197.774.297.5
=38LMU Munich Germany79.065.376.892.2100.076.9
40Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris France78.575.772.883.299.781.6
41University of British Columbia Canada78.062.576.690.576.795.0
42University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign United States 77.969.581.585.285.364.0
43Shanghai Jiao Tong University China77.776.682.575.4100.060.6
44Fudan University China77.576.575.383.596.056.1
45KU Leuven Belgium77.060.174.991.9100.079.6
46London School of Economics and Political Science UK76.859.573.595.455.994.1
47Universität Heidelberg Germany76.767.764.394.699.376.4
48Delft University of Technology Netherlands76.366.778.276.5100.092.8
49McGill University Canada76.062.372.388.876.192.5
50Karolinska Institute Sweden75.958.967.995.396.085.7

Also, the publication ranking includes the number of full-time equivalency (FTE) students, the number of students per staff, international students’ combinations, and the ratio of male and female university students. Please review the table below for the World Universities Rankings 2024 details.

No. of FTE StudentsNo. of students per staffInternational StudentsFemale: Male Ratio% Interdiscip. Science Research
1University of Oxford, United Kingdom21,75010.942%49 : 5123%
2Stanford University United States14,5176.423%47 : 5322%
3Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States11,0858.033%41 : 5940%
4Harvard University United States20,0509.025%51 : 4912%
5University of Cambridge United Kingdom20,56511.538%48 : 5227%
6Princeton University United States7,7537.323%47 : 5343%
7California Institute of Technology United States2,2406.133%37 : 6349%
8Imperial College London United Kingdom20,27511.861%42 : 5828%
9University of California, Berkeley United States39,99117.922%52 : 4836%
10Yale University United States11,9245.221%51 : 4913%
11ETH Zurich Switzerland22,61915.443%33 : 6743%
12Tsinghua University China38,51811.210%n/a42%
13The University of Chicago United States15,7926.236%47 : 5329%
14Peking University China33,06410.914%n/a33%
15Johns Hopkins University United States15,7724.128%56 : 4415%
16University of Pennsylvania United States21,3126.222%54 : 4613%
17Columbia University United States25,9145.235%n/a23%
18University of California, Los Angeles United States42,6349.615%56 : 4421%
19National University of Singapore Singapore Explore33,33420.024%49 : 5128%
20Cornell University United States23,62010.024%51 : 4925%
21University of Toronto Canada79,28225.827%56 : 4417%
22UCL United Kingdom41,11011.361%59 : 4121%
23University of Michigan-Ann Arbor United States45,7838.116%51 : 4922%
24Carnegie Mellon University United States13,56211.944%44 : 5643%
25University of Washington United States49,48610.116%56 : 4420%
26Duke University United States15,5273.918%52 : 4815%
27New York University United States48,46111.842%58 : 4221%
28Northwestern University United States18,89413.118%52 : 4818%
29The University of Tokyo Japan26,34510.315%n/a35%
=30University of Edinburgh United Kingdom33,94011.546%61 : 3924%
=30Technical University of Munich Germany Explore35,50644.439%37 : 6336%
32Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Singapore25,89516.727%49 : 5138%
33École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland12,54313.564%30 : 7044%
34University of California, San Diego United States40,59612.019%45 : 5521%
35University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Explore18,10318.343%55 : 4536%
36Georgia Institute of Technology United States32,07928.029%34 : 6643%
37University of Melbourne Australia51,30725.147%58 : 4218%
=38King’s College London United Kingdom32,83513.953%63 : 3712%
=38LMU Munich Germany Explore34,62233.518%62 : 3821%
40Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris France16,12015.022%51 : 4930%
41University of British Columbia Canada58,98719.434%55 : 4521%
42University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign United States50,25019.623%51 : 4935%
43Shanghai Jiao Tong University China38,47212.69%37 : 6331%
44Fudan University China38,10112.69%52 : 4824%
45KU Leuven Belgium49,43537.319%52 : 4823%
46London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom11,94512.672%56 : 4415%
47Universität Heidelberg Germany Explore19,31513.320%55 : 4520%
48Delft University of Technology Netherlands21,26215.930%31 : 6950%
49McGill University Canada Explore30,82111.929%61 : 3922%
50Karolinska Institute Sweden8,0859.927%70 : 304%

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