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Opportunity Description

WHO, which is the leader of global public health, offered internship opportunities for graduate and postgraduate applicants from across the world. The program aims to allow the applicants to gain insight into the technical and administrative programs of WHO while enriching their skills and experience in the health area. Interested applicants can explain their interest in a specific area and apply it.



Deadline: 25 February 2020

Duration: 6 to 24 weeks.

Type of program: internship

Location: various


  • Specific amount based on each duty station.
  • Health and accident insurance.

Note: the traveling expenses and accommodation must be covered by applicants.


  • Applicant’s age must be over 20 years old.
  • Must have completed a degree (graduate or postgraduate) at a university or institute that leads to formal skills and qualification.
  • Applicant’s academic background must be in public health, medical or social field relevant to the technical work of WHO or have a degree in management related to the administrative field.
  • Applicant or any of his/her relatives must not work with WHO.
  • Must not work as an intern with WHO in the past.
  • Must be nationals of WHO member state.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Applicants are responsible for preparing the postgraduate assignment framework of the students from different academic backgrounds for WHO programs that can enhance their educational experience through practical assignments.
  • Subjected the students to the work of WHO.
  • The WHO Program with input from experts must be prepared.

How to apply:

Explain your area of interest, choose the location you want to work with one of WHO office/branch.

Apply for one of the available internship positions.

Internship vacancies

For more details, please visit the WHO website

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