What to Do during Quarantine Time at Home


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Staying at home during quarantine could be unpleasant, boring and even disturbing for most of us, especially for those who have often worked outside or staying home is annoying for them whilst this could be a new experience for many people. Therefore, your time at home during quarantine gives you an optimal opportunity to use, get new things and create your own entertainment.

1. Movie night with travel films

Surely, one of the main things we might dream about at the moment is traveling! Sadly, going on a trip is not possible for the time being, so all that remains is to keep dreaming and making new plans for the future. So, you can choose to have a fantastic movie night with the best travel movies and documentaries available online. For example, on Netflix, there are quite a few travel-related movies and documentaries to be found, such as Expedition Happiness, Tales by Night, Our Planet, Wild, Elsewhere, Alone in Africa, and so on which will make your time more fun and provide you nice experiences!

  1. Exercise and stay fit at home.

As we are now more confined to our living spaces and keeping motivated is not at our hands, we still have the option to stay motivated and physically fit not missing the chance to exercise. So, if you want to keep your immune system strong, rest assured that there are plenty of apps, online resources and channels providing you with all you need to do your favorite exercises at home. Take part in online exercise challenges or subscribe to an affordable fitness app to guide you through your fitness journey at home! A lot of workout equipment can be done at home with different things around us. No excuses!

  1. Get your work done apart from workplace distractions.

This likely won’t make a big difference if you already work from home or remotely, but some people can certainly be more productive by working from home. This could be a unique opportunity for introverts and self-motivated individuals taking less effort and fewer discipline to keep themselves on task.

  1. Enhance your career with free online courses.

During our stay at home, we probably have the perfect time to revive our careers. Learn something new and add to your knowledge on almost everything you like the most and what best interests you. This precious time allows us to get up to speed with topics we were always searching for, but never had the time to. There are plenty of online sites, channels and platforms ready to give your career and knowledge a real boost and let you know to dive deeper into a plethora of brand-new knowledge that awaits you.

  1. Learn something new that is worth your time.

This is an incredibly wonderful time for us to learn plenty of new things ranging from a new language, skills, programs, and so forth. This can even make you proficient in several areas you have been interested in. So many online sources, YouTube tutorials, blogs, channels, and sites are available to you to learn from. So, don’t waste your valuable time!

  1. Read!

No matter you are reading hard-version, soft-version or online books, reading and, more importantly, having a cozy atmosphere and abundant time to read is a fantastic way to entertain yourself and keep your mind sharp.

  1. Write and create online video content.

If you are feeling anxious and remaining idle at home, getting your ideas into paper is a great way to cope with your emotions. It can be a nice and new learning experience. But if you don’t like writing, you can work on creating digital content. Recording insightful and educational videos and uploading them on platforms like YouTube and implementing your vision you have been waiting for is an outstanding way to uplift your personal brand and reputation. Remember! People will be hungry to watch your videos to distract themselves while being stuck at home.

  1. Contemplate and reflect.

As life has been going by pretty fast so far, sometimes we need to take a break and reflect on our past. So, take this opportunity to do so and appreciate all the positives while also pondering on strategies and plans for your future.

  1. Improve your musical talents

Have a musical instrument in your house that is taking up space to look good or may be left in the corner of your home/room, gathering dust? Well, use your time and get practicing now! Practice or teach yourself new musical tools, boost your artistic talent, or practice music with your roommates or family members while still keeping distant. Of course, this can be singing too – enhancing your singing skills on your own is already a good option, but it’s even a lot more fun to share it online with family and friends. Conduct a group video call, share your screen and sing along!

  1. Make new friends online.

Soon enough, many people are going to be hanging out at home, too. One of the good things you can do at home during this difficult time is to make new friends online and build strong online networks with so many different people of your zone of interests like CEOs, leaders, innovators, teachers, entrepreneurs, musicians, sportsmen, etc. without leaving you house.

  1. Watch staff online.

Since many of you are already spending time on multiple online entertainments, watching varying staff online is a really good way to chill, refresh and also enjoy your time especially if you are sick or need rest. So, try watching some independent, interesting and thought-provoking films, which can expand your horizons and give newer perspectives.

  1. Learn new ways of cooking.

Obviously, there has never been a better time to boost your cooking skills, as health officials are recommending that we eat and cook at home or/and rooms. Know how to cook well? If no, YouTube has free cooking tutorials that help you learn new skills along with other online recipe sites.



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