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Do you want have an idea to propose in Urban studies? Do want organize an event that includes Seminar series? Do you need to fund your event and get your proposal in practical stage? Do you want do to a research in any area of Urban studies? If yes, read and apply the Seminar Series Competition offered by Urban Studies Foundation.


About the Seminar series


To encourage internationally significant and innovative research in all areas of urban studies, the Urban Studies Foundation (USF) offers Seminar Series Competition to support between 6 and 8 seminar series proposals from academics working in any country. USF welcomes applications, capable of generating academic talk and discussion that are irresistible, significant, and contribute to publications of world standard. The winning proposals will be granted an amount up to about £20,000 each. The successful applicant


Applications deadline: September 14, 2018

Result announcement: within eight weeks of the deadline

Number of Awards: 6-8

Award value: the maximum value of each award is £20,000


  • During 18 months of approval, the events must happen.
  • Payment will be in two stages: 67% on approval and the remaining after the submission of a completion report and publication plans for the academic output from the event.
  • The requested funding amount from the Urban Studies Foundation must not exceed £20,000, although the overall events budget might be larger if there are other potential partner contributions.


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Application process

Proposers must complete the application form (which is linked below) and submit it along with the other supporting documents.


Section 1: application information


Include all the basic information and contact information for the project leader, additional team members, and the basic proposal information.


Section 2: proposal information

Include a detailed outline of the proposal, which covers the following aspects of the seminar series:

  • Proposal summary, background and other supporting information
  • Budget and Funding
  • Event Format, along with program information
  • The background and goals of the proposal.
  • The intended participants and audience.
  • A detailed feasibility and planning statement
  • Concrete and achievable publication plans

Supporting documents:


  • A support letter from the host institutions
  • The project lead CV and other team members
  • Any other necessary supporting documents


Selection criteria:


  • Academic quality of the proposal
  • Contribution to current key areas of urban studies scholarship
  • Value for money
  • Possibility and quality of dissemination strategy
  • Reliance in deliverability of the event.


Application Form

For any questions or more information regarding the competition you may visit Urban Studies Foundation or send an email to the USF Director of Operations, Joe Shaw.

Email address: joe.shaw@glasgow.ac.uk 

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