Trading for Development in the Age of Global Value Chains (Online Course)

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About this course

Global value chains (GVCs) now constitute almost half of all international trade. So, learn how GVCs can become more sustainable and inclusive and the ways in which countries can collaborate together to assure the benefits of GVCs are shared and endured. This online course gives participants an opportunity to find out how GVCs can further enhance inclusive and sustainable growth, generating better jobs, and declining poverty. Furthermore, Economists from across the World Bank Group will discuss how GVCs affect a range of development issues. Learners will also take advantage of using a global online platform, by networking with colleagues across the world, experiencing the digital visualizations about GVCs, and noticing the interconnectedness of global development demands.

Besides, this is very important at a time when global connectivity is challenged by the COVID-19 crisis, and GVCs and their importance in international trade and economies across the world are more felt than ever.

Trading for Development course details:

Topics: Trade Policies and Jobs, Private Sector Development, Competitive Industries, Industrial Clusters and Value Chains, Trade Competitiveness and Diversification, Trade Policy and Integration

Institution: World Bank Group (on EdX)

Language: English

Learning mode: MOOC

Price: Free

Certificate cost: $5

Level: introductory

Duration: 5 weeks (3-5 hours/week)

Start date: August 19, 2020

Learning objectives

Upon completion of Trading for Development course you will be able to:

  • Evaluate the extent to which GVCs have contributed to growth, jobs, and reduced poverty—but also to inequality and environmental degradation.
  • Examine how national policies can revitalize trade growth and ensure that GVCs contribute to the development rather than the divergence of trade.
  • Identify shortfalls in the international trade system that have sparked disagreements among nations and provide a roadmap to resolving them through greater international collaboration.
  • Explore how the development of GVCs can continue amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Read the full Trading for Development in the Age of Global Value Chains course content or/and syllabus here.

Course benefits

You will receive a certificate which is:

  • Official, verified and instructor-signed highlighting your skills and increasing your job prospect
  • Easily shareable_ you can share it elsewhere
  • Proven motivator_ give yourself an extra incentive to complete this and other online courses

How to apply?

Application for this course is online.

Apply HERE.

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