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1.       About the Program:

Technology Bootcamp is a scholarship program through Forward Together Program, in order to help 100 female fresh computer science graduates and or females who are looking for better job to learn technology skills required at the market and actually get a job at the end of the program. The bootcamp is highly competitive, where you will learn demanding technologies and career building skills. What is a bootcamp? A bootcamp is a technical training program that teaches the necessary programming and technology skills that employers look for. Technology bootcamp enables students with little coding and technology proficiency to focus on the most important aspects of technologies for building career and immediately apply their new technical skills to solve real-world problems. Attending a bootcamp is a viable path to transition into a career in web development and IT in general as an alternative (or supplement) to graduating with a 4-years degree in Computer Science to helping fill the need of skilled software engineers and IT officers in industry.

through Forward Together program will fund 70% of the tuition fee to the program, where females will only pay for 30% of the program.


Who can apply;


  1. Females who doesn’t have a job and looking forward to learn, build career and get a job at the end of the
  2. Companies and organizations to introduce female staff to build capacity that they are demanding in their work Minimum 10% increase in salary is required after finalizing and successfully graduating from the program.


2.       Why should you join the program?

As a female computer science enthusiast, you will receive the following benefits throughout the program:

  1. Learn market demanding technologies.
  2. Acquire skills that market needs and actually fill the gap between being a student and starting your job at a real work
  3. Get a job at the end of the program or get at least 10% increase in your
  4. Increase your knowledge and practical capabilities in regards to your
  5. Network and connect with other females and inspiring successful women in IT
  6. Experience the bootcamp and social learning approach for the first time in the
  7. Build your career and get advice from


3.       For companies and organizations:

Companies and organization who already employ female staff and are looking forward to build their capacity and help them acquire demanding skills in order to be more useful and productive


at work place, can actually be a great partner of us throughout the program. Through this program, companies and organizations, will take the following benefits;

  1. Motivate your employees and inspire them with capacity building opportunities.
  2. Train and prepare your employees and get the benefit of increased productivity and
  3. Can directly ask the bootcamp training center for the special skills they are looking
  4. 70% of the fee will be covered by Forward Together
  5. 10% salary increase is not much, but, it will build an environment of motivation, inspiration and commitment in your


4.       Basic Requirements for the Program:

  • Computer Science, IT or related fields graduate/final semester, or;
  • Graduates from business and social science with at least 6 months of experience and or at least a course taken related to IT, or;
  • Graduates who have an active job and looking for promotion and better job options.
  • General knowledge of web development or technology technician (i.e. data entry, server administration, technician, operating system, technology equipment, computer teacher, etc…)
  • English talking and writing skills basic
  • Intermediate communication and problem solving skills.



5.       Curriculum:

There are 2 courses available throughout the bootcamp;

  1. Web Application Development
  2. IT Technical Support


Description of Major & Minor Topics to be Provided Days
Web Application Class IT Technical Support Class
Orientation Session. Orientation Session. 1 Day
Basics of Web Application Development. Basics of Information Technology Helpdesk. 2 Days
HTML – HTML 5. Troubleshooting basics. 3 Days
Building a simple HTML App. Remote desktop services 2 Days
CSS – CSS3. Troubleshooting Practical. 3 Days
Designing the HTML App with CSS. 4 Days
JavaScript / JQuery. 4 Days
Integration of JavaScript to the app 3 Days
Readymade templates usage. 3 Days
PHP/Laravel Framework. Networking Devices and PCs. 10 Days
MYSQL. Introduction to Server Administration. 4 Days
Dynamic Website Development. 5 Days


JavaScript & JQuery Library Usages. 2 Days
Software Development Methodologies (Waterfall,

AgileScrum methodology, Devops).

Office and Office 365 configuration and management. 3 Days
Final Assignment + Thesis – Development of a full application – Team work. Final Assignment + Thesis – Developing a full featured mobile application – Team work. 12 Days
Project & Task Management. Project & Task Management. 2 Days
Career Development. Career Development. 3 Days
Total Training Days (Working Days): 66 Days


6. How to apply?

Interested applicants can apply Online application form below:

Application form


7.       Contact Us:

Contact the following options in case of any query:

Name: S. Hussain Kargar

Position & Title: Project Manager

Address: Haji Mohammad Daad Square, Taimani, 4th Street, Besides Takbir High School.

Phone: +(93) 729 65 35 45


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