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Opportunity Details

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Opportunity Description


Muderan professional high school is one of top private school in Kabul, which is focus to educate the students, the education period contains both the school subjects, the main steps of management, with high quality of education system and materials, experience teachers, in this current year due to Ramadan month Muderan academy provides opportunity and scholarships for child labor, deaf children and children deprived of education, if you know this kind of children, give us a hand and introduce them to us.

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Number of the scholarship: 100

Who can apply:

  • Applicants must live in Kabul
  • Labor children with law level of income
  • Applicants must be in 1st class up to 6th class

Required documents:

  • 2 Photos in passport size
  • National ID card (Tazkira)

Duration: one year

How to apply:

for registration and information of the scholarship please refer to the center of Muderan academy to the address below:

Pol-e-surkh, valley in front of Qandahari Masque, Muderan specialist high school

Contact number: 0787292020

For more information about Muderan academy click here

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