South American Business Forum (SABF)- Conference in Argentina


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The Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) is hosting the South American Business Forum-conference (SABF) 2018. It is organized by a team of students from the institute and made up five working sections: Student Relations, Fundraising, Speakers, Media & Communication, and Information Technology. Each of these sections is playing a vital role to retain this talk superior. Applications are desired for 100 University students regarding the Power Paradox and the following subtopics.



The Power Paradox is the main topi of this conference.

Powerful people tend to have more control over ordinary people and other groups of public in the society. The paradox is that once we get a little bit of power, we often begin to feel we’re above people and do things that stop improving the greater good. We stop using the skills that are the foundation of our power and begin abusing it. Studies have shown that when we feel powerful, we’re oblivious to the risks of our behavior. We’re more likely to take a financial risk with somebody else’s money or recommend a course of action that’s not rational.

It’s more empowering, if you start from the assumption that you always have power, you realize you continually influence the world. You always have the chance to either uplift or diminish others. Once we realize that the challenges we are facing nowadays are a result of corruption, poor decision-making, misuse of power, it can create deeper understanding of this contradiction.

Considering this situation, we should consider ways to make a better use of power we have, whether it is a system, the influencers or technologies. What we can do about it? What are some practical ways to be empathetic? How we can plan actions that are more fulfilling, more equitable in process of influence?


  1. In Sync with Technology
  2. Systems Facing Obsolescence
  3. Leading Through Uncertainty


Application start: February 17, 2018

Application Close: April 30, 2018

Language of the Conference: English and Spanish

Organizing university: ITBA

Number of Participants: 100

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Duration of the conference: 3 Days

Date of conference: 3,4, and 5th of August 2018

Benefits: The Meals, Entrance, Transfer and accommodation are covered.

Eligibilities & Criteria:

  • Not be more than 26 years-old (born after 1, 1, 1992)
  • Graduated or an undergraduate student in 2017 or 2018
  • write an essay showing your ideas and opinions about the conference topic

Following points would be evaluated in student’s essays:

  • Relevance with the topic.
  • Writing, coherence and clarity of expression.
  • Logical approach to ideas.
  • Creative and initiative ideas.
  • Relation scale to the current context.


Application process:

Online application process. Applicants need to create an account, the complete the form and write an essay. And submit your application before the deadline.

Apply Online

For more details please the website of SABF


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