Rules of Transfer among universities

  • Post Date : December 20, 2020
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According to the ministry of higher education, the undergraduate transfer will be done adhering to the following rules:

  • female transfers will be done based on the agreement between two institutions
  • Male students’ transfer can be done only from day shift to night shift.
  • New students who enrolled at universities based on the 1399 Kankor, will be started in 2nd month (Sawr 1400) of the new year.
  • the transfer of previous years students who have studied more than one semester will be started in the Month Dalw, and Jaddi.
  • the result of those who have previously requested the transfer will be announced on 15 Jaddi
  • The application form for transfer will be obtained from the first institutions and processed after the second institutions’ agreement.
  • Applicants who are failed in more than two subjects in the first institution can not be transferred.
  • Transfer will only be done in the same fields and semester.

for more information, please contact 0778746133 – 0744485781

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