Public Survey for categorization in public schools


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Currently all the students are studying at school from grade 1 to 12 according to one curriculum. there is a recommendation to categorize high school lessons in two different fields of science and social sciences to provide a better training for students.

for this purpose, the ministry of education request all the teachers, researchers, authors and other activists who work in the field of education to send their research / scientific publications, recommendations to the ministry of education considering the following questions:

  • Is the categorization beneficial according to scientific and practical experience of other countries?
  • Is is possible to implement this categorization in Afghanistan according to current situation of Afghanistan?
  • is it fair to divide the lesson into two categories of science and social science in high school period?

How to send your recommendations and publications?


Please send your recommendations and publications via the following email or submit them to the address below:

  1. Submission email:
  2. Golbahar center, 8th floor, education scientific council.



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