Photography 4 humanity for Human Rights Day in New York, USA


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Opportunity Description

Photography 4 humanity is an international program that accepts photographers from all over the world, they invited applicants to capture their photos based on human rights issues to bring to life the power of human rights through their images.

Applicants must reflect the most compelling imagery-illustrating courage, despair, hope, injustice, hate, compassion, human rights failures or victories in ways small and large.

The photos must inspire people to get involved with human rights and take action for human rights. Share your photos change the world. The successful participants will receive their prize on the UN Human Rights day in conjunction with the opening reception for the photography 4 humanity exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters.




Deadline: 15 October 2019

Program date: Human Rights Day 10 December 2019

Number of the winners: 10

Location: United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA

Prize: $5000

More benefits:

  • Meeting the other professional photographers
  • The successful photo will be published on the photography 4humanity website throughout the year.
  • The human rights issues which are captured by the photographer will be highlighted.

 Criteria for photography:

  • The photos must have a positive impact on human rights issues.
  • Photos must attract the viewers to engage with a solution via UN Human Rights.
  • Photos must inspire the audience.

 How to apply:

  • Interested applicants recommended to submit their photos and fill the online application form

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