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Opportunity Description

Deadline: July 31

N-Peace Awards are offered annually for the recognition of the powerful stories of peace-builders and activists in the region who embody the WPS agenda. Grassroots activists, prominent campaigners, and up-and-coming young peace advocates can apply to N-Peace Awards

Number of awards: 11

Eligible countries: Afghanistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, or Pakistan

Award categories:

  • Untold stories
  • Campaigning for action
  • The peace generation


Who can apply?

Nominees who meets the following criteria are eligible for an N-Peace Award:

  • Be residing in one of the following countries at nomination time: Philippines, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, or Pakistan.
  • Not have previously won a N-Peace Award.
  • Have proven capacity in mobilizing people and resources for peacebuilding.
  • Have worked on progressing the cause of peace, gender equality, equal participation, and empowerment of women, in either/or the following areas:
    Participation:be in a position of representation at any levels of decision making, including peace-processes, electoral processes and other decision-making bodies at the national and sub-national levels;
    Conflict Resolution: contributing to preventing the emergence, spread, and re-emergence of violent conflict, and/or addressing root causes of conflict;
    Protection: contributing to the protection of women and girls in conflict and post-conflict settings, including reporting and prosecution of sexual and gender-based violence;
    Relief or Recovery: contributing to relief and recovery including working on health services, income generations and trauma counselling. Contributions to survivors of sexual and gender-based violence is also included.


  • Eligibility for campaign for action category:
    • Not be under the age of 26
    • Be a civil society representative in a leadership position, a member of parliament, a public servant or a government official and/or individual in a decision making role. For example, the nominee could be a police officer who has sought and achieved national policy change on women and security, or a member of a district council who has consistently advocated for the inclusion of women in peace processes and mobilized resources to implement this;
    • Show wide-ranging action in advocating for systemic change relating to women’s inclusion in conflict prevention, resolution, peacebuilding or security.


  • Eligibility for the Generation of Peace category :
    • Be between 18-25 years old
    • Should be viewed as an emerging leader in their local community or country;
    • Have demonstrated leadership potential in working towards the Women, Peace and Security agenda;
    • Be a representative of an organization, government department, civil society or educational institute. Nominees can also be independent members of the public who have demonstrated leadership in peacebuilding.
  • Eligibility for the Generation of Peace category :
    • Women who have demonstrated skills in conflict resolution, prevention, and peacebuilding in their local communities. One woman from each country
    • Not be under the age of 26.

How to apply?


You can do the nomination online.

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For more details please visit N-Peace Awards

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