Ministry of Higher Education announcement about Egypt Scholarship


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  • Opportunity ID 3247

Opportunity Description

The announcement of Egypt Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies

The Egypt Country offers scholarship for different educational degrees including 8 scholarships for undergraduate studies. Afghanistan ministry of higher education has announced it with the following requirements:

  • High school graduates who are graduated in the years of 1395-1396 (2016-2017)
  • Have high academic performance with the average points of over 80 percent.

Note: the flight ticket is not covered by the scholarship.

Required documents:

  • Electronic passport
  • National identity card (tazkira)
  • Completion of physical exam (health)
  • No criminal responsibility form
  • 8 passport size photo ( 4×5)
  • Original high school graduation certificate verified by the ministry of Foreign affairs

Application process:

Applicants can apply online using the online application form and submit the copy of application form to the ministry of higher education of Afghanistan before 20/4/1397

Apply online


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