Kharazmi University International Scholarship Program (KHU ISPs)


Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 3031

Opportunity Description

Application start date: 5 January, 2018

Application deadline: 20 June, 2018

Location: Iran

Institution: Kharazmi University

Level of study: Master and PhD

The talented international students will be awarded scholarships to reduce their academic expenses by Kharazmi University, one of the oldest universities in Iran. Admission Committee and Scholarships Council of the KHU International Academic Cooperation welcomes applications from eligible foreign students to pursue their studies at Kharazmi University. The KHU offers five types of scholarship to the international students in the following fields of study.



  • Faculties of Literature and Humanities, Law and Political Science, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Arts and Architecture
  • Faculties of Management, Economics and Finance
  • Faculties of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geosciences, Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering


Types of the scholarships


First type of Scholarship (ISP1):
Degree: postgraduate (MSc or PhD degrees)


  • Tuition fees in the first educational year

The fees of Persian language courses, dormitory, health insurance, and pre-registration are not covered.


  • Have an overall average of more than 17 (equivalent to 85 % up)
  • Graduated from a university ranked below 800 in QS World Rankings
  • Must produce at least one research paper, Scopus or ISI during each academic year


Second Type of Scholarship (ISP2):


  • Tuition fees of the first semester

The fees of Persian language courses, dormitory are not covered.


Third Type of Scholarship (ISP3):


  • Be the first person from a country new for KHU
  • Graduated from a prestigious university
  • Have good academic background with at least 70 % of the grade average and higher


  • 80% Tuition fees of the first year


Forth Type of Scholarship (ISP4):


  • Only for students who intends to study Persian Language and Literature at all levels
  • Have good academic background with at least 70 % of the average grade and higher


  • 70% Tuition fees in the first year


Fifth Type of Scholarship (ISP5):

Degree: undergraduate


  • For foreign students from Afghanistan, African countries, Yemen and India
  • Have good academic background with at least 80 % of the average and higher


  • 60% Tuition fees in the first year

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Application process:

Foreign applicants must get the scholarship application form from the English website of Kharazmi University, complete and send it together with the other necessary documents to the KHU email.


Note: The Continuation of the grant will be based on their academic evaluation (average grade of 16, equal to 80% and higher) and research performance (at postgraduate level, must provide at least one research paper, or ISI during the academic year) and approval of the Scholarships Council of KHU International Cooperation Division.

For more information please visit the KHU Scholarship of Kharazmi University

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