Kabul Kankor Exam (First Round)

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Ministry of higher education of Afghanistan has announced that the first round of Kabul Kankor will be held on 14 Saratan 1397. High School Graduates from the following high school should take their participation card from their high school on Thursday and Friday 7 and 8th Saratan. And the attend the bio-metric registration process in Civil services institute in Afshar Silo on  Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th of Saratan 1397.

High schools related to Kabul Education directorate :

  1. Ustad Zabihullah Khan Shaheed High school
  2. Istiqlal high school
  3. Al-fath high school
  4. Aryana Afghan turk high school
  5. Amina Fadawi high school
  6. Bibi Ayesha Sediqa high school
  7. Pohand Sediqullah Reshtin high school
  8. Tajwar Sultanah High school
  9. Chehil Dokhtaran High school
  10. Habibia high school
  11. Hazrat Shams al mashayeekh high school
  12. Hakim nasir khosraw balkhi high school
  13. Zokur sayed shohada high school
  14. Bibi mehro males high school
  15. Rahman Baba high school
  16. Omid Sabz town High school
  17. Shahid Abdul saboor farid high school
  18. Ayesha dorani high school
  19. Abdul rahaman Pazhwak high school
  20. Abdul Rahim shahid high school
  21. Abdul raouf Binawa high school
  22. Abdul hadi Dawi high school
  23. Ghazi Adi high school
  24. Mohammad shah khan babakr khil high school
  25. Ghulam haidarkhan high school
  26. Fazil big high school
  27. Lamia shahid high school
  28. Niswan Ahmad shah baba mina high school
  29. Afghan Turk Females high scool
  30. Aqa ali shams females high school
  31. Bibi Rabia female high school
  32. Totia female high school
  33. Chehil seton female high school
  34. Deh Khodaidad female high school
  35. Deh dana female high school
  36. Rahman mina high school
  37. Spin kalai high school
  38. Sayed al-shohada female high school
  39. Shirino high school
  40. Wahdat female high school

As well as general high school graduates, and religious school of Kabul districts should attend their school for getting the participation card on Thursday and Friday (28 and 29th June 2018) 7 & 8 saratan 1397.

Applicants should not bring any mobile, any harming and electronic  device in the kankor exam. Not considering this and bringing the devices mentioned will result in your exam termination and will be introduced to the security staff.

Note: applicants should have their National ID Card, Black Color pen and Fields of study code table.

Card Distribution:

  • On 7 and 8th saratan in the related school (Thursday and Friday )

Bio-metric: 9th and 10 saratan (Saturday and Sunday) in Civil Services institute located in Afshar silo

Exam date: 14th saratan (Thursday)


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