“Kabul Respires” Photo Competition by French Institute


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“Kabul Respires” Photo Competition is the first street competition, in Afghanistan. The history of photography is connected with the France name. the photography was created in middle of nineteenth century and was known as a profession up to the middle of twentieth century often was being underestimated by painters but one of popular French photographer developed the photography.

France institute in Afghanistan, in line with the development and spreading the spirit of photography across Afghanistan is organizing the first street competition.

The event is organized in the format of four training workshops, three days practical photography in Kabul streets.

The photographers will have one day after the photography days, to select and edit their captured photos, and submit their photos in the mentioned day.

Duration: six days


It is a fact that the street and what is in it, is a source of creating photos for street photographers but necessarily it not a social photographs for organizers of this tournament, the photographers can record their own discoveries and stories in a technical and artistic way. In the process steps, the presentation of the photos should be documented following the standards of photography.


  • 1000 USD will be awarded to two participants of tournament (each 500 USD)
  • French institute will provide participation certificate to all participants of tournament.

Important dates:

Deadline to send the portfolio: Thursday  June 20, 2019 ( 30, 3, 1398)

Result announcement: Friday June 21, 2019 (31 / 3/ 1398 – Friday)

Training workshop: June 22- 23 , 2019 (1- 2/ 4/ 1398)

City photography: June 24-26, 2019 (3-5 / 4/ 1398)

Presenting the photos: June 27th, 2019 (6th / 4 / 1398)

Expo: June  28th, 2019 (  17, 4, 1398)


  • Supporter: French institute
  • Organizer: golshahr photographers group
  • Trainer: reza haidari shah bidak
  • Executive manager: Abbas asemi
  • Graphist: Akbar motahhari


Terms and conditions:

  1. All photographers from all over the Afghanistan can freely join this tournament but the organizers will not cover the accommodation and transport for the photographers coming from other provinces
  2. The photos captured during this tournament will be judged hence the jury will check the capturing dates of the photos before selecting them.
  3. For enhancement of the learning aspect of this tournament, four training workshops will be conducted on the first two days of the program (morning and afternoon). Attendance is mandatory for all participants. Implicitly, the lunch will be provided by organizer.
  4. Participants can apply and attend the tournament for free. No application fee will be taken.
  5. Providing the necessary license for capturing photos in the streets will be done by organizer but due to lack of guarantee system and civil responsibility, the organizer will accept no responsibility if there happens any financial and mortal loses.
  6. The tournament is performing based on documentary, so the photos edition should not lead to graphic, deleting dimensions and perspectives. It is notable that photographers can freely do the following actions such as increasing/decreasing of contrast, light balance, color control, crop, green application, sharpness enhancement and clarity.
  7. It is mandatory for each photographer to submit 10 photographs on the final day of photography.
  8. The photos can be color-full or black and white, recorded in any format but finally the output should a high quality JPEG.
  9. Tournament will not accept archive pictures.
  10. Tournament participant and the owner of photo will be the photographer and the organizer has no responsibility in any argument about the possession of the photos.
  11. Organizer will have the right to use the photos for the final expo and presenting the performance report in tournament website and facebook.
  12. The selected photos will be presented in the format of a professional expo. The efforts will be made to organize an expo in Paris as well.
  13. The winner of this tournament will be two people (one male/one female).

How to apply?

Interested applicants should send the complete details (name, last name, father name, birth date, tazkira number, phone number with portfolio of the last year (20 photos) to the submission email.

25 candidates will be selected to participate in the tournament.

Submission email: shahbidak@gmail.com

Phone numbers: 0749792602 | 0785841384


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