Huawei Free Online Course on Enterprise LAN Technology Training (For Open Lab)

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  • Degree Non Degree Program/Certificate
  • Language Requirement Not Required
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Opportunity Description


First, the course will introduce Ethernet overview, the working principle of Ethernet network devices, and Ethernet ports technologies .second, it will familiarize you with the VLAN basic principle and configuration and VLAN cutting-edge features and configuration. Following that, the course will introduce GVRP protocol principle and Ethernet link aggregation.

Quick details:

Topic: Local Area Network (LAN) Technology Training

Course provider: Huawei (from Enterprise Business)

Language: English

Type: MOOC (massive open online center)

Course Code: EBGTC00000013

Learning Objectives:

After the class, you will learn how to:

  • Illustrate the development of Ethernet technology, list the standards of Ethernet
  • Explain the working principle of HUB, Describe the working principle of L2 switch, working principle of L3 switch, List the Ethernet port features, configure the Ethernet interface
  • Explain the background of VLAN technology, explain the principle of VLAN, configure the basics, describe the inter-VLAN communication principle, and constitute the inter-VLAN communication
  • Illustrate the principle of MUX-VLAN, configure the MUX-VLAN, describe the principle of Super-VLAN, and construct the Super-VLAN
  • Explain the GARP principle, describe the GVRP principle, and configure GVRP
  • Explain the Ethernet link aggregation standard, describe the LACP basic principle, list the manners of link aggregation, and constitute the Ethernet link aggregation
  • Describe the function of configuration BPDU, illustrate the flooding process of topology change data
  • Configure the STP function. Explain RSTP basic calculation process, describe RSTP port status transition, and describe the function of RST BPDU. Describe the flooding process of topology change notification, organize the RSTP function
  • Illustrate the elementary concept of MSTP, describe the calculation process of inter-zone of MST, describe the MSTP cutting-edge configuration, and construct the MSTP function

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The course is a great opportunity for ICT industry talents and students who seek to learn about the ICT industry.

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Interested and target applicants can apply for this course very easily by completing an ‘enrolment’ and get the course started.

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